Friday, March 1, 2013

On Dusty Mars

In outer space on dusty Mars
A robot diligently digs and pools
The particles gathered to inform
Scientists interpreting molecules
Determined to learn what sealed
The fate of that planet so red
And whether any once alive spore
Is among the silent dead.

Along this street with paving neat
Families carry their groceries inside
The contents planned for several meals
Shiny recipe books will serve to guide
The cooks who want to wisely cook
So the family will stay healthy
Are having a harder time these days,
So much is priced for the wealthy.

But we aren't going to fade away
Nor turn into a dusty dead world
Our inner strength is wise choices
No matter what fate has unfurled
We'll learn to be wiser each year
And our purchases will be clever
Our creativity will tempt palates
In every sort of weather.

Our children will be strong and tall
And their minds will amaze and astound
Their abilities to invent what's good
And their blessings shall abound
Simpler ways of doing difficult chores
Will be one of the ways they excel
Defining the challenges to solve
And beginning where they dwell.

©2013 Mary E. Adair

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  1. I like this one and will share it with Alyssa.