Friday, March 1, 2013

The Past, the Future, the Now

Did I fall in Love on Friday night,
Was it all a dream?
Has it been, all in my mind
Or do we manifest, those scenes? 
 IN the past, FROM the future
Is it all at once?
Slow it down, then synchronise
then analyse, this “time”

The clock says this, - your mind says that,
You wonder where - your Head is at

Illicit scenes of dubious wonder
Alight your minds, amidst the thunder
Storms of emotions and passions arise
From flashes of lightning, lines burnt, in our eyes

The outline remains, and frames the new
Enveloping all, encasing the view
The frame, or the picture, - Which do we own..?
Do they come together,
Do they come – Alone?

The Past surrounds, the Future, the Now
It's all connected, there, somehow
Slow it down, if you dare
To see what it is, that you left there.

Old baggage returned, from the “Lost and Found”,
We carry our burdens, like luggage, around
Traveling light screams its advantage
As trains arrive, at stations, advancing
Glancing around, in the crowd so frightened
whose train has arrived, whose journey, enlightened

Do we step on, or turn around…?
Will those “pastures green”, be found..?
Is this the right train, is this the right track,
Will somebody please give me MY ticket back!

I want to get on, I want to get off,
One foot in the future, the past, now aloft
In our minds we see forward,
Though our bodies look back

Into fields of derision, the colours, burn black
The sunlight we see in the morrow of life
Is it lighting our way, showing a sign?
Toward, or away, we shall follow this line
Casting our shadows for longer, we feel
Enveloping scenes from our future, revealed
©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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