Friday, March 1, 2013


he was evil and strange
the village knew this as a whole
out in the woods wild, deranged
a strange light always shining in the cold

the few that sought him
never to the village to return
oh what strange sins
what magical ways did he harm

one by one they would seek him out
to destroy this monster old
each one came screamed and shout
then laughed at the little demon so bold

the villagers came and fell
a gleam in their eye
ready to enter hell
one by one the mystery died

Not a one was harmed
they came, they sought
each one was charmed
No matter how they fought

He taught his ways
he gained their trust
and by the dawn of day
their way of life in the village was crushed

each one left with a glow
a little more beast like
light where ever they go
stomping forward into the night

Oh how the villagers hate him
sooner or later they fall
they all give in to that primal sin
and answer their wander lust call

It starts for some as a game
A jesting friend playfully shoves
one at a time they learn his name
as they stumble to the beast and learn it is 

©12-23-2012 MJMansfield aka FireEagle

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