Friday, March 1, 2013

The Road

The Road ahead
Where does it lead…?
Should I need to know its destination,
Or where, beyond, it carries..?
Should I walk it both ways, taking care
That I miss no view from this singular path
Or its connection to the Highway, so busy
Could I wander from its mapped direction
Of previous travelers, passed on by..?

 What solace, what pleasures of Nature
Could await me there..?
What dangers should I prepare to encounter
And who,… who ? would follow in my footsteps,
Or will every trace of my journey be Lost.?
Lost, …beneath the dust of time
And trampled deeper, by warriors braver, stronger than I

As I walk toward such colourful sunsets
Safe, in the knowledge that the rising sun
will warm the day, will light the way
its Glorious energy, touching all, and giving Life
to the darkness of the nights, so coldly passed
Illuminated only by sparkling, yet long-dead Stars. So Far

So Far away, So Long passed, though their shining Light
Still continues, beyond Death, to the wonderment
of weary travelers and curious children, Playing.
Could they really be what remains of those who have tread before
Celestial reminders that Life continues
Into, and beyond the darkness…?
©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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