Sunday, September 1, 2013

By The Numbers

September 2013 – A Universal 15/6 Month

With its emphasis on home, family and service to others, the 15/6 Universal Month energy of September can be a month in which these concepts receive greater attention on both a personal and global level. This is a month during which people may be required to show a greater degree of responsibility in their homes, jobs, communities and their relationships with one another.

The 6 energy of the month may bring about continuing improvements in issues around the economy and finances and there may be a greater emphasis on materialism. Money may flow more easily than it has and we may see general improvements in various facets of life. This is a time for problem solving and creating greater balance, especially in issues around home, family, health and education. An increased emphasis on domestic and community matters can bring about a greater focus on local and national levels surrounding issues that affect the all.

People and institutions may discover that by making radical lifestyle changes, opportunities may abound that result in changes in long-held and accepted views. New ideas and concepts can create an easing of tensions as well as a dissipation of old fears. With that in mind, it is important that individuals look beyond the surface of things to better comprehend that which they are observing. A level of discernment will go a long way in providing deep understandings that can take root while providing a deeper, inner knowing.

Because the negative side of the 15/6 energy can bring about a rise in dishonesty, fraud and irresponsibility it is incumbent upon people to pay attention to, and focus on those areas in which these conditions are prevalent. September is a great time for a raising of the community and the national conscience that can result in a greater compassion and tolerance in areas of upset or discord. Demanding the truth from those who serve us can create a better understanding and balance in areas of government and business, especially in those areas that directly affect home and family life. Maintaining order in all systems and fixing those things that are in need of adjustment or overhaul, will also add to the general welfare and common good of the people. Particular attention may be needed in the fields of medicine and health.

Another topic that could demand greater attention and concern is the issues surrounding our food and food supply. It is possible that the continuing debate over GMOs and the control of our food sources by a handful of large corporations will move further onto center stage. In any area of concern experienced by the individual, it would be advantageous to add your voice to the dialogue. Individually we may be drowned out...collectively we possess great power in asking for greater transparency and consideration of our desires. People must learn to channel their emotions on these subjects into actionable behavior, especially in holding our leaders to their position(s) as our voices in the process.

Since 2013 is a Universal 6 Year, the 15/6 energy of the Universal 6 Month is reinforced and amplified and conditions are primed for a greater sense of service to others. We must all keep in mind the bigger picture of a global community and work towards the improvement of conditions for all, wherever one may live. Get out there and make your contribution.
Blessings of Love and Light!

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