Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Future King of England

George Alexander Louis

George Alexander Louis* born on 7/22/2013 has a 35/8 Life Path and may truly be a king for the 22nd Century. The 35/8 Life Path is the inheritance 8 and is a strong indicator of money, power and position. With a birth day of 22, the Master Builder, this is an individual who will have ample opportunity to make his mark on the world (a world that may be very different from the world into which he was born).

The 35/8 imbues in the individual a great deal of vision and foresight and provides a strong energy for being a great leader. It is conceivable that he will change the monarchy in a way never before seen because the 35/8 coupled with the 22 shows that he will be an inspired person who is very much a humanitarian and philanthropist (much in the way his grandmother Diana was). This will be a king/leader of the people, looking to make a mark in the world that improves the general welfare of the many. He may also show himself to be a world leader, inspiring and guiding other heads of state towards a more compassionate and caring form of government. He innately knows the meaning of true peace while understanding and executing the law of giving and receiving in balance.

This is a dependable and organized person who understands the need to unify while re-evaluating conditions that may already be in place. An individual with a strong mind and keen insight, he knows what the public needs and he knows how to provide it for them (and this may be especially true in the areas of public health). When opposed, he will display great inner strength in meeting the opposition. He will meet all tasks with a great energy and vitality and use his abundant personal charm to win over any detractors. With a strong desire to create and maintain stability, he will tirelessly work to create that which can do just that. This will be a traveling king as he moves around the planet to share his knowledge, wisdom, insights and ideas with as many people as possible. He will be a harbinger of freedom and change and an inspiration for all to participate in making the world a better place in which to live.

The 8 gives George an almost unending supply of energy and could make him a perpetual motion machine, always moving, and taking action that will help him implement the ideas that he holds. He is a person who likes to live hard, work hard and play hard and he may show some athletic prowess in a sport of his choosing.

This is a person who is friendly, helpful and considerate and it is important for him to maintain an emotional balance in his life. Balancing his work life with his personal life will go a long way in creating the peace of mind and heart that he needs.

Being born on the 22nd of the month imbues the future king with inspiration and a practical imagination. George is a very capable individual who will exhibit great magnetism, power and determination in those things with which he chooses to engage. He must learn to bring his various talents together in a manner that can bring about the greatest good for the many. Coupled with his 35/8 Life Path, the future king could very well be a global leader in a way that hasn't been seen in the British monarchy in a very long time. The Master Builder energy of the 22 will provide him with opportunities to lead his country, and by extension the world, in new and exciting directions with particular emphasis on 'big picture' things that benefit as many people as possible. It will be important for him to be a universalist in the way he brings ideas and concepts to the world making it necessary for him to understand and embrace a global understanding and philosophy.

George's approach to things may be somewhat conservative in nature, yet through that conservatism will he be able to create stability in situations. A deep and serious person, it will be important for him to develop tact as he works to organize others and exercise his ample executive abilities. This is a person who is quite adept at handling and solving problems while being both diplomatic and cooperative. He will be a king for the 22nd century as he could be in the forefront of re-building England into a global, leadership role. His originality and creativity will be an asset in solving problems for his country, and once again, for the world. A highly competent, intense and inspired person, it will be important for George to maintain an internal balance between his emotional and practical sides as he could be (at times) nervous and high-strung.

In summary, the future King George of England possesses the tools to be the leader he was born to be and be a positive influence on the world in which he lives. The world in which he leads may be quite different from our world of today and I believe he will quite adequately fulfill his destiny.
*British royalty traditionally does not have a surname.
Blessings of Love & Light ©2013 Michael John Fierro
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