Sunday, September 1, 2013

On Trek

There are so many negatives coming at us in every direction. Recently a Facebook friend wrote about a song on the radio that was playing, "I’m only gonna break break break your heart."

Her very gifted 7 year old said, "Can you please turn this off? I don't like this song, it makes me feel like I want to break my heart. It makes me feel weak."
Of course, this got my wheels turning because even if the radio is on, and we are NOT fully paying attention to it, it still seeps into our minds. Leaving the TV on and not watching it, we still get to take in the information as our mind is always aware. Many countries use that as a form of propaganda, letting the information play, 24-7. We might think we are not picking it up, but when we sleep, we will, without even trying.

Are words harmless? Remember the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Oh, but they do. Names don’t hurt us physically, but they hurt us emotionally. If we were overweight as kids in school and got the nickname Tubby or something similar, that hurts. That sticks with us, that is very harmful.

I read a comment once that said if we are overconfident, we can tone some of that back, but if we are under-confident, it is almost impossible to build it up. Negatives certainly don’t help.

We have negatives streaming at us all day. I heard someone say when a friend walked into the room, “oh look, speak of the devil.” That got me to thinking again about positives, so now I say “oh look, speak of the angel.” Another one I personally changed when I speak is, I love them to death.. I say, I love them to life.

Words do matter. In our home we try hard to be positive. It is our home, our sanctuary. We don’t even watch the news anymore, if we all know the news isn’t 100 percent truthful, then why would we linger on every thought, every negative morsel? It will only bring us down, make us weak.

Life is a choice, and each person has to do what they believe is right. I am merely putting some ideas out there so one can become more aware of their surroundings.

Love is always the positive .

JudyK (Featherwind)

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