Sunday, September 1, 2013

Does The Conscious Continue

Does the conscious continue
When all else is dead,
Could mind and spirit live on,
With no life ahead?

Outside the body,
Out of the mind
Do thoughts stay alive,
(The no-brainer kind)?

Does the spirit survive
When the body is gone
Do thoughts stay alive
And go on, and on?

When dead people speak
And we hear the sound
Is it deep in our soul
From a past, earthly bound

That random connection
Of messages learned
The noise of corruption
So passive, so stern

It's all wishful thinking,
Or powerful senses
That transpire reason
And transform pretenses

Subconscious feelings
That come to the fore
Of deep understanding
And so, so much more.

We're guided, it's true,
The mysteries timeless.
It's all we can do
To still retain 'mindness'

The answers we seek
From elders all passed
The meanings of life
Elusive, so vast

What goes around,
comes around, Heart to Heart
Forever entwined
When our spirits depart

Whispers from souls
Each side of the veil
Each message reminds us
That Love will prevail

©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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