Sunday, September 1, 2013

Move on Higher

You cannot Hurt me,
I'm alive
That's in the Past,
Another Life
Here, and NOW,
Is what I've chosen..
Time, itself,
Cannot be frozen... I'm not the way you think I am...
I'm all the good, And bad,... I am.
I'm dying,
And you're Loving me to Death
I'm crying,
And you're holding my Breath.
Loving the good and the bad,
Are the Same
You must accept,
It's a Rule of the Game
Within each Day
The Sun shines bright...
The Dark is ALIVE,
For You,....are the Light.
Within the Night,
And Darker Days
Within each Fight....
The Martyr stays
Outside the Night,
In Light of Day
Outside the Fight,
The Children play
It's only Human to wonder...why
Paradise awaits us, the Sky
It's only Human, not wanting to die
Kissing the Life that we wanted..
...Good Bye
Much better to live
Each day, like your Last
With nothing to say
About your Past.
...When you arrive
At Heaven's Gate
Be sure you Recognize
- Your FATE
Holding on to what is Dear,
Can sometimes change
The way we Fear
What we were scared of there,
Has gone...
And Here we Are,
Still moving...ON
You cannot Hurt me, I'm alive
That's in the Past, another Life
Here, and NOW, is what I've chosen..
Time, itself, cannot be frozen...
Past or Future, "Que Sera"
We Create, just what we are
No Blame, No Trust, No Guilt required
Just...... Believe.....
And move on,
©Phillip Hennessy

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