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October 2013 - A Universal 7 Month

With the 7 vibration being the over-riding energy of October, this will be a month in which reflections on self and life play a big part in what happens. October is a single-digit 7 month which indicates that the pure energy of the 7 will be strongly in force. This is a time during which people, and the world, should take a deep breath and slow down a bit. Collectively, we should all be taking a step back to reflect on what has happened and what can happen, while analyzing that which has, and is taking place.

October can be a month in which work is undertaken that will improve and perfect plans already in force. Using mental processes and discipline, we will be able to move forward in a more thoughtful and insightful way. The areas of self-improvement, nature, conservation, science, inventions, learning, religions and the spiritual journey are all areas that may be highlighted during the month. Many will receive inspiration through their dreams, visions and the use of intuition. With its emphasis on the inner-self this can be a time during which people can become more receptive and in-tune with their surroundings and their lives while taking steps to improve the conditions of their lives (and by extension, the lives of the greater collective). 
The 7 is also a representation of a greater mental and emotional energy being in play. This could result in a greater tendency to giving increased thought and feeling into decisions that impact the greatest number of people. Greater emphasis and thought may also be exercised in the realms of nature and conservation. It is possible that the topic of climate change will be moved a bit more into the limelight as people become increasingly aware of the ongoing changes and the adverse effect they are having on the lives of so many people.

In the world of money and finance, October is a month that calls for some restraint with finances although conditions will continue to move towards an overall improvement and a trend towards greater prosperity and financial stability. Businesses may also find they have a greater liquidity factor that can help with the overall improvement (especially if money is put back into business as opposed to being used to benefit business owners). The 7 energy is a good time for studying, planning, researching and inventing and October can be a fertile ground for the sprouting of new ideas and thought patterns that again, work towards improving the greater good.

On the seventh day, god rested, and so it is during a period of 7 energy. This is a time for resting and paying attention to issues surrounding health and well-being. Caution needs to be exercised in the world of health and healthcare as some new, and previously unknown malady may be found moving to center stage. This condition may be discovered as a result of increased research and analysis of existing data. Conditions are quite supportive of research and analysis playing a big part in increasing knowledge of things of a scientific and medical nature. Because of the 'rest aspect' of the 7, October would be a good time for the world to take a collective deep breath while simultaneously working towards finding solutions to existing conditions and problems.

On the negative side of the 7 month, we may see an increase in the lack of co-operation between opposing sides in many different facets of politics, government and ideologies. Because of the secretive and deceptive side of the 7, instances of fraud, irresponsibility, and lying may be displayed and/or uncovered. Caution is to be taken in all affairs as there may be hidden details that are brought into play. People must also be on the look-out for mischief making and interference in the affairs of others. It is incumbent upon all to not take things at face value but instead to actively question leaders and people in power about their motivations and reasons for doing things.

The important part of the 7 month is that everyone takes the time to rest and reflect on their lives and their part as a piece of the greater collective. Study, research, analyze and consider your feelings and thoughts on all things and take whatever steps you, as an individual, can take to make improvements in your own, personal world and by extension, the entire world. For what one does affects everyone. Within the context of the current 6 Universal Year, greater responsibility must be taken to insure that the greater good is considered in all activities and actions. Beneficial service to others and the planet is essential in creating a world that provides for everyone.

Blessings of Love & Light


The Birth Path/Life Force number is your field of experience in this lifetime. It is the opportunities, environment and conditions you have chosen (through your date of birth) in which you have specifically chosen to exercise your manifest self. This is the road in life that you must travel. You can never change, or get off this road, since you cannot change your birth date. It is the culmination and accumulation of the Universal force/energy field which your Soul has chosen to use as a propellant on its journey back to GOD. This is the sum of the experience of living and being in this lifetime and it is what happens to you. It represents all the opportunities and events in your existence and is the field of experience or environment in which you get to exercise who you are based upon your name. Each Life Path explains the path you are on and each Life Path has a major life lesson that needs to be learned so, it is also a representation of your biggest fear...this is what you must learn!

To determine your Life Path you must add the month, day and year of your birth by reducing each component to a single digit (except in the cases where the number is, or reduces to an 11, 22, or 33). For example, October is a 10 which reduces to a 1; November is the 11th month and must be calculated using the 11; December is the 12th month and must be reduced to a 3. In calculating the year, it must be written out in its complete form e.g. 1950 (not '50). You must then add each digit to determine the single digit (1+9+5+0=15=6). If you were born in 1939, 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, or 1993 you were born in a 22 Universal Year and the calculation must be made using the 22.

Here are the particular Life Path Lessons for each Life Path number:
    1 – Learn To Be A Motivated Leader.
    2 - Learn To Serve Others While Learning The Intricacies Of Partnership.
    3 – Learn To Express Your Self-Creativity And Emotions.
    4 – Learn To Create Order And Structure With Responsibility.
    5 – Learn To Embrace Change While Maintaining Balance. Learn And Experience The Value Of Freedom While Exercising Self-Control.
    6 – Learn To Understand And Embrace Responsibility.
    7 – Learn To Understand Yourself And Use Your Knowledge, Wisdom And Intuition For Yourself And Others.
    8 – Learn About Money And The Energy Of Money.
    9 – Learn Your Humanitarian Purpose And Share It.
    11 – Learn The Depths Of Your Gifts And How To Positively Use Them While Learning To Give In Order To Receive.
    22 – Learn To Direct Your Energy Outward In Large Projects And Organizations With The Goal Of Creating Good For All. Your Rewards Will Follow.
    33 – Learn The Power Of Healing Yourself And Others. Do Not Be Egotistical In Working With Others.
    44 – Learn The Judicious And Selfless Use Of Power.
    55 – Learn The Power Of Change And Transition And How To Apply That Information.
Once you have understood and learned your Life Path Lesson it is important that you incorporate that lesson into all you do. Overcome the fear associated with each lesson and work to become a fully-realized and actualized human being, doing your part in contributing the advancement and improvement of the world.
I wish you blessings of love and light on your journey.
Michael John Fierro
Michael John Fierro is a Numerologist, Life Coach, and Author of YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS. He has been working with numerology since 1984 and is available for private sessions, lectures, and more. You may contact him at numerologist.michaelfierro@gmail.com or www.michaeljohnfierro.com

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