Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journey to The Heart

As I settle into my meditation I am greeted by my Spirit Guide, Teacher, tour guide and friend, Guardian.  Guardian is a massive jet black dragon with the enormous fangs, claws, and spikes.   This is the story of one of many travels we experienced together.

“Come, Child, get on,” Guardian said to me.

“Guardian, where are we headed to today?” 

Almost ignoring my question Guardian said….“Climb on, child, we have much to see……come on, child, climb on.”

As I climbed on and settled into place on Guardian’s back….we took off into the clouds.  We had flown together many times before but this was different….it was not the slow steady rhythm of his wings that could almost lull you to sleep..…this time the beat and pace was faster each stroke of his massive wings was saying there was urgency…. “Why are you in such a hurry, Guardian?” I asked.

“Hang on child, rough air ahead,”  he replied.  

All at once the sky turned dark…I could hear thunder and see lightning all around us.  I was hanging on to Guardian’s neck for dear life. Afraid I was going to come off….wondering to myself what happens to you if you die in a meditation? Do you die in real life?

Guardian sensed my fright and said “Child, you worry much, I would never let you fall…never.”  

“I know, Guardian, but why so fast?”  Everything around is a blur …normally we travel slowly at a peaceful pace…allowing me to see… “Where we are going?” What is the rush, Guardian?” I asked again….

“Child, answers will be revealed in due time, in due time” Guardian replied.

We continued our flight traveling high above the clouds.  Over lands so foreign to me.  There was winter snow below, then it changed to spring rains, to the heat of the summer sun, and then the smell of autumn….

“The four seasons?”  hmmmm  I wonder what this is about….thinking more to myself.  

Reading my mind again, Guardian replied ”All in good time, we are almost here.”

“Wonderful! I will finally understand why you were in such a hurry to get here” I replied.

Ahead of us was an opening in the clouds and we started out descent…down through the clouds.  You could see nothing, the clouds totally surrounded us.
“Guardian, how can you see? We might crash,” I asked.

“I know this land…every mountain, tree, flower, stream, and valley… I have been with it through its creation” Guardian replied.

Suddenly the clouds cleared, I could see the lush green rocky mountains ahead.  As Guardian circled so that we could land, I saw this was an island….each side of the island was a different season.

Ever so carefully Guardian slowed down... stopping at the opening of a cave. 
Guardian stopped and allowed me to climb down and stretch my legs…as I was stretching, looking around… The beauty of the area was overwhelming…. I was mesmerized by the peace and tranquility. You could hear birds, the roar of the animal’s, see all the plants and flowers. Each area had plants, trees, and animals that were specific to that place, time and area. I would walk to each section in total awe and wonderment of the sight that was before me.

“Child, come on….we still have a long was to go, stay close” Guardian said. Carefully he put one of his massive wings around me and pulled me in closer to his body…”Stay close,” he said again.  

We headed into the mouth of the cave, walking side by side.  The steps of the cave were well lighted making the travel Down(?) easy.
“Guardian, why are we going down? What lies below?” I asked…

“All will unfold, you will understand soon, Child,” he replied.

“Guardian, you do know that I am not a child, I have a name….Why do you always call me child?” I asked

“My time on earth compared to your time on earth…you are a child” he said.

“Ok, that’s true, Guardian.”

Continuing our descent into the earth I saw roots of life on both sides of the path.  Some of the roots were strong and healthy others looked black and dying.  Tears were forming in my eyes….I could see the roots had a pulse….very faint.  I reach out to touch the dying roots…as I touched them their pulse strengthed….so I went to another area and touched the sick roots….again the pulse of the roots strengthened.

I turned to Guardian to ask him why….but once again he knew what I was asking and said…“Love, child, it is your love. Let’s continue,” he said.
The steps were still going deeper into the earth….but as we journey on ….the surrounding changed…..there were windows in the earth on both sides of the path.  Each window contained a scene from the world far above us now.  On one side the scenes in the windows were healthy, lush but on the other side the same scene was unhealthy and sick…

We continued on ….as we rounded the corner I saw glowing, vibrating tubes of glass that was attached to the scenes in the walls. Each tube contained a beautiful white light.  Then I turned to see the other scenes had the same tubes attached but, the tubes hardly had the light flowing through them. Tears were streaming down my cheeks….so much loss and sadness. Whole areas were dead nothing remained alive.  But there was a small trickle in the tube….some hope still remained.

I turned to Guardian “What is this place  you have brought me to…Why?”

His reply “Child, you will see, you will see”.

Down the stairs we went, following the glass tubes to the center of their origin.  Finally, we reached the last step and ahead of me I saw a massive red pulsing red Heart.  All the tubes were attached to this very heart.  The Heart center was the very core of Mother Earth.  She has been keeping this all alive for time and eternity. 

The beating sound coming from the heart was extremely loud, almost to the point of deafening. But, it reminded me the first time I heard the heartbeat of my children that, thump, thump…thump, thump. 

As I walked around the heart to view the different area scenes, I saw there were scenes everywhere.  Every inch of space had a scene portrayed.  Some of the scenes were strong and healthy, while others were weak and dying. Where the scenes were healthy there was a strong pulse of energy going through the tubes and the area of the heart was strong, but the areas with the death and sickness…that area hardly had a pulse and the heart was darkened….but, there was an ever so slight pulse…She was still trying to give the hope for life. 

When I stood close to the areas that were healthy and strong…I could feel her love flowing easily from her heart through all the tubes…pure love, a mother’s love. Then standing close to the areas where there was death, and loss I could feel the depth of her pain and sorrow, a mother’s grief with the loss of her child. She was working so hard to supply some life energy for her children before they died completely.  Some Hope…. 

I turned to Guardian and asked “What am I to do, Guardian? I am but one person….how can I help?”

Guardian turned and said “Remember when you touched the roots that were sick and dying?  What happened?”

“They started pulsing stronger” I replied, “But, Guardian, we are talking the world here.  There are many areas that hardly have any life energy flowing through the tubes.  How can I affect all this in time to save the darken areas of the heart, at once?”

"You call upon others as we are calling upon you now. Each person you touch, tell them. Then in return they can tell others.  Pretty soon we will have people all over the world helping to heal Mother Nature’s Heart.  It starts with one.  It’s like casting the stone into the clear still water…" Guardian explained.

Overwhelmed by the sight and enormity, tears started flowing harder. But the problem with crying is, no tissue. Great now what, looking down I realized I did have sleeves.  But I was taught better than to wipe my nose and tears on my clothing. But, I’m sorry Mom! 

Regaining my composure now I looked around the room and for the first time I noticed four pathways. So I picked the closest to me and started down the path. The paths had scenes on both sides of the walkway. Again one side there were strong, lush healthy scenes, and on the other side the scenes were in different stages of drought, devastation, and stripping away at the earth’s surface causing death slowly but certainly dying. Taking my time I slowly walked down each of the four paths, then back to the heart where guardian was waiting.
As I approached Guardian I asked … "May I have some more time to walk in one of the seasons?”

"Yes, my child, go walk," he replied. 

I picked the season with the brightest sun light.  And as I came out of the cave I had to cover my eyes for several minutes to adjust to the light.  The sound of the ocean and sun on my face…are two of my favorite things.  Climbing over the rocks along the ocean front I came across a small patch of beach, took off my shoes and waded into the cold blue water. This is paradise I thought. Allow the sun to warm and heal my body, heart and soul from everything I had learned here today. Felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. 

Suddenly I felt Guardian standing there in the surf with me, holding me with both his protective wings around me.  We stood there what felt like eternity, then he turned me to face him and said, “Child, the weight is not yours alone to bear, send out into the universe your love. The universe will answer with more love.  And so it begins…..the healing.”

©2013 Kay Roy Jones

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