Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm So Busy in Your Head

I'm so busy in your head,
I'm out of Mine.
I'm thinking instead
I'm into your mind
I smile with your face
I think with your eyes
I see where you look
So sad, yet so wise

The two that's inside you
Will fight till they bleed
And the winner is always
The one that you feed
I've seen you speak with demons
I've seen you fight with them
I've seen you win,
and seen you lose
I've seen your sin,
I've seen you choose.

Demons seek loving,
Just like you do
So don't you deny,
When they speak to you
For when it's all over,
And there's time for reflection
Those demons inside
Are as strong as addiction

The power they have
Over you, is strong
They'll kill you one day,
They don't belong.
Outside your body
And inside your mind
For they cannot see,
Without your eyes,
They are blind.

©August 8, 2013 Phillip Hennessy

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