Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Eternal Birthday Wish

My wish is not for gold or wealth or houses on the sea.
I don't need fancy cars or a plane to carry me.
I don't need massive riches, or to travel far from here,
all I want forever is for you to know I care.

I want to make a difference in all the hearts I meet
and will a smile to always find your lovely face to greet.
I think that I have spent life striving forward to this goal
and that's a treasure I feel each and every heart should hold.

My greatest sadness is for those that do not see this gift,
so they seek to fill their emptiness with things, and endless drift.
Their eyes behold a sadness of stories yet untold,
their lives reveal an emptiness of love they can not hold.

So, on this day that I celebrate every year while I still breathe,
I wish for those around me a life with greater ease.
I wish for you sweet tenderness, and deep abiding love.
I wish for joy and happiness, always sunshine up above.

If I leave a smile on your heart someday as I pass on,
then I know my wish will carry on, softly as a song.
Love in your heart always, is the best gift I offer you.
I also wish to hear how beautifully you will sing it, too.

©1-14-2014 Martha A. Bradley

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