Saturday, February 1, 2014

Eternal Love

Simple pleasures abound within.
Timeless treasures to begin
when breath meets air and soul meets Earth
as lovingly we celebrate birth.
The spirit learns to grow and soar
traveling unto many shores,
wearing Ego's human face
sharing mind and body space.

While nurturing, its path becomes
bringing happiness, to some.
While others must take simple fare
with fleeting moments, sometimes shared -
amidst chaos of an oft torn world
filled with sadness, filled with scorn.

Yes, the true emotion held in deep,
ever present underneath
is not the hurt and pain that's brought
by careless fools and those without
faith in love. To them we carefully
send healing light and mindfully
pray for old wounds to mend
allowing love to never end.

We wrap spiritual arms around hearts,
knowing as one we never part.
Our mission completed in this lifetime
with softness, joy, and peace of mind
we gently exhale our place in time,
eternal love we leave behind.

©1-28-2014 Martha A. Bradley

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