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By The Numbers


In a Numerology chart, the Challenges are the real issues of life, the types of behavioral patterns and situations that might drive a person into therapy. I attach a great deal of importance to the Challenge numbers. The Challenges are derived from the Birth Path components, and these aspects represent the only time in Numerology where subtraction is the mathematical process used.

The Challenges represent major stumbling blocks on the road of life that is the Birth Path. There are three minor, or Sub­Challenges, and one major or Lifetime Challenge. The major Challenge is a life lesson that remains until it is learned. The sub­challenges cover specific periods of time during the course of your life.

If they are learned, they clear themselves and you continue in life unencumbered by them. If they are not handled and cleared, they will remain in your life, adding to the other challenges that come about, and the individual must deal with multiple issues in his or her life. Additionally, at all times the characteristics of the various Challenges will be a part of the person’s existence adding the dynamics of the particular aspects to their life, thus affording the opportunity to work through and overcome/become the Challenge(s) at any given time. Anytime a number appears more than once in the Challenges, it amplifies itself and shows itself to be the one major issue which will prevent you from obtaining all your goals and all you desire in life. Everyone has a Challenge to meet in life. Some have two, three, or four Challenges, but one fact remains...they must be identified, met, and overcome if you are to gain the successes in life that you desire.

Challenges number from 0­ - 8 and gain intensity and drama incrementally, as the number increases. The most common challenges are 1, 2, and 3. When one encounters the 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Challenges the issues become more likely to create greater difficulty in the individual's life and it is important that they are addressed and cleared from the life.

This is an important piece of information for any individual to gain from a Numerology reading. It can help explain and identify the root cause for events in your life and better prepare you to understand, accept, and overcome and then become them. Challenges may show up as personal feelings or bad habits, or they may be antagonistic behavior patterns that manifest as a lack of friends or associates, and in many cases, the challenges may manifest as “untrained behaviors” which have little or no use. The Challenges will also represent situations and conditions that exist in the family and interpersonal environment.

The Challenges can be compared to a “weak link in a chain” in that one weak link affects the strength of the entire chain and a Challenge, once it is discovered, worked with, and strengthened can provide an impetus for constructive expression and success in the external affairs, as well as an improved internal situation with the “traumas” of life. If the Challenges are not dealt with they can sabotage one's life and subsequent successes. They represent underlying weaknesses that with proper execution, when reversed can become strengths and assets in one's life.

The important thing to remember is that the Challenges occurs below the Life Path, thus they affect the things of the material and three­dimensional plane. The lesson of the challenge is this: RECOGNIZE IT…OVERCOME IT...and then, BECOME WHAT IT REPRESENTS. At that time it becomes an ASSET FOR FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL SUCCESS. Challenges unmet present the dynamic that creates the “I can’t believe this is happening to me, again” scenario. These are internal issues which will manifest in the everyday life of the individual. What needs to be done is for the person to look inward at their fears and feelings and gain understanding of what is represented by the Challenges. If you are courageous enough to look at your life, then you must be courageous enough to take FULL responsibility for it.

The solution in the realm of the Challenges is this:

  • 2. ACCEPT IT.
  • 3. WORK WITH IT.


  • 1 – The Challenge of Independence and Individuality. Learn to stand on your own two feet! Learn to accept and work with authority figures without being confrontational or domineering.
  • 2 – The Challenge of Cooperation, Tolerance and Sensitivity. Overcome your shyness and learn to accept and appreciate those in your life. Be willing to work with others and understand their place in your life.
  • 3 – The Challenge of Self­Expression, Self­Esteem and Optimism. Find your voice. Accept that what you have to offer has value.
  • 4 – The Challenge of Self­Discipline and Control. Create order and self­control in your life and allow others to 'be'. In relationships with others, understand that the best control is no control.
  • 5 – The Challenge of Learning the Value and Meaning of Freedom. Create balance and focus in your life. Direct your energies and curiosity into that which you enjoy.
  • 6 – The Challenge of Responsibility and Service. Understand the importance of family and community and doing for others. Develop healthy, non­codependent relationships.
  • 7 – The Challenge of Analysis and Inner Guidance. Overcome your fear of life through study and knowledge. Beware of living in your head too much.
  • 8 – The Challenge of Judgment, Efficiency, Organization and Self­Control. Direct and channel your power for positive means. Understand that anger is allowing others to steal your power.
  • 0 – The Challenge of Choice and All Challenges. Either EVERYTHING or NOTHING needs your attention. In many instances, you can pick and choose the things to which you devote your time and energy.


In determining the Challenges, subtraction is the mathematical process involved. To calculate the Challenges you first subtract the number of the month of the birth from the number of the day of the birth. This provides you the first Sub-Challenge. The second Sub-Challenge is obtained by subtracting the day of the birth from the year of the birth. The third Sub-Challenge is obtained by subtracting the number of the first Sub-Challenge from the number of the second Sub-Challenge. The fourth and final Challenge, or the Lifetime Challenge, is obtained by subtracting the month of the birth from the year of the birth. You must first reduce the birth date to three single digit numbers and proceed from that point. This is one of the only times in Numerology where you will reduce a Master Number to a single digit.
3 4 17/8
EXAMPLE: 12/4/1961
First, reduce each component to a single digit. The month is 3, the day of birth is a 4, and the year, 1961, reduces to an 8 (1 + 9 + 6 + 1 = 17 = 8).
    1st Challenge: Subtract 4 - 3 = 1 (the month from the day)
    2nd Challenge: Subtract 8 – 4 = 4 (the day from the year)
    3rd Challenge: Subtract 4 – 1 = 3 (the 1st Challenge from the 2nd Challenge)
    Lifetime Challenge: Subtract 8 – 3 = 5 (the month from the year)
In these calculations, you must remember to subtract the smaller number from the larger number. It does not matter which is the greater number, the important fact is the difference between the two.
The time frame covering the challenges is figured by subtracting the number of the Birth Path from the number 36. This calculation provides the number of years that the first challenge will be in effect. To determine the second challenge, add the number 9 to the ending year of the first challenge. The third challenge is determined by adding the number 9 to the ending year of the second challenge. The Lifetime Challenge is in effect for the entire life.
Michael John Fierro has been working with Numerology since 1984. He is the author of YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS. He is available for private sessions, corporate and private events, lectures, workshops and book­signings.
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