Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life Is Your Classroom

Life Is your class room, even when it's cold
You learn every day, while you're growing old
Even when it's sunny and hot outside your door
You take in what you learn like never before

You attend every day, no matter the weather
A solo class, or one where you're together
No matter how many, no matter the place
You learn from the lessons that you have to face

A lesson hard learned, is a lesson in grief
Until you rise higher in a sigh of relief
You come to believe the possibilities are there
To rise above the pain and go anywhere

Learning new things in every day
Molding your life as if it was clay
Some things you learn don't sink right in
Only when they do, do the lessons begin

You learn from others, they learn from you
Teachers and students, with knowledge anew
You never know who will come along
A lesson you learn may come in a song

Experiences are lessons taught as you go
Especially when it touches your heart and your soul
You think it's school that teaches you it all
But that's just a study place behind the wall

It's after school where your greatest lesson will be
When your life takes you ahead to your destiny
It's what you are learning you never assume
Because in this world, life is your classroom

©Jan 5, 2014 Bud Lemire

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