Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Everyone gathered for his wake
Each person there had their own take
Some of them knew him when he was a kid
They talked about all the things that he did
Some knew him when he was a man
Amazed by all he did and all he still can
Up until that moment when he had to leave
At this Wake though, no one came to grieve

Smiles on their faces, laughter out loud
Happiness settled, all over the crowd
At most Wakes you see faces with tears
At this one it was raised glasses with cheers

If you looked around, you wouldn't find a frown
Why among them, there was even a clown
He was taking balloons, and making all sorts of things
Making me think of the difference that every day brings

Boys and girls were dancing in the next room
It wasn't an ordinary Funeral as you would assume
All at once they gathered around
There came a squeak and another sound

All heads turned to the casket as it opened up
If you think this was it, you haven't heard enough
Up sat the deceased, with a smile on his face
Happy that all the people he loved, gathered in this place

He spoke loudly and here is what he said
“It's been a great party, but I'm not really dead
I thought it would be fun, and I listened and I heard
What you were saying about me, I heard every word
I realize now how much I touched you, and how much you touched me
I now understand just how our lives are really suppose to be”

Everyone was touched by what he just said
Then he collapsed and he lay down and was dead
But that wasn't the end of the story told here
He is remembered every day throughout every year
He touched so many people, and that's how it should be
When the soul is acknowledged, for what it gives to thee
©June 15, 2015 Bud Lemire
Author Note:
I always wondered how it would be if the Funeral and
Wake had a twist to it. We should actually be happy
that our loved ones who have passed are in a better place.
Yet we are sad because we no longer have their presence.
When we remember them each day as long as we live. We
keep them alive in our hearts and our souls. Until the time
comes when we shall meet them again in Spirit.

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