Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The U.P. State Fair Again

I was at the U.P. State Fair again this year
As I watched all my money disappear
I enjoyed the barns and petting zoo
One of the monkeys reminded me of you
I saw kids in bubbles in a big swimming pool
The Mother and Daughter Trapeze act was pretty cool
Got stranded on Pirate Island and found some treasure
Eating Norm's fries was by the greatest pleasure

The Camel's face got too close to me
The Fab Four made me think of “Let It Be”
The Kangaroos were hopping around
Drowning pool shook me off the ground

The Art Exhibit had a great picture there
A Sunset at Indian Lake someone wanted to share
The Cheese Artist carved a big block of cheese
I'll take mine in small slices, if you please

There's always The Miracle Of Life at the Fair
You can see them happening everywhere
The Antique Village is a great place to see
I saw John eating popcorn under a tree

The Oriental place were selling their egg rolls
And I met some really wonderful souls
I saw many people having fun at the U.P. State Fair
So I took pictures, because that's why I was there
©August 21, 2015 Bud Lemire
                             Author Note:
I went three days to the U.P. State Fair this year and enjoyed each day.
I say this because I enjoyed watching people having fun. Which made
my photos even better. Because I could capture people at their best. I
did see Josh Thompson in concert and he put on a great show. There were
no birds in the barns due to the Bird Flu. But I saw all the other animals
that were there. the U.P. State Fair only comes once a year.
I enjoyed it as much as I could.

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