Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Journal of Life

I kept a journal of my life, each and every day
I captured all the changes, that happened along the way
In words, I wrote about my life years ago
I can't remember everything, but it's written so I know
Mom and Dad, my Brothers and Sisters, and my friends too
If you were a part of my life, there may be a part about you
I started out with a pen, but then switched to colored words
Each day was different, just like the many types of birds

Things that were forgotten, in my life long ago
Are cherished in these books, of those I use to know
Life is ever changing, people tend to leave
Yet they are remembered, within the life we weave

Another life it seems, has taken us to the present day
It's our own life, that brought us on the journey this way
Words upon the paper, day by day going by
Passing through this life, time sure does fly

As we get older, forgotten are some times
Ringing clearer in these pages, I heard once again the chimes
Every day and night, with each word I add
I think of all I have, and all the things I had
©August 3, 2015 Bud Lemire
Author Note:
I started my Journal, which I called Diary, in August of 1978.
I wrote down everything that happened to me throughout.
Events that happened in my life, people who were in my life.
I started out with pen, then by my second book, I was using colored
markers to change each day. These days, I type in my day's events.
I am now looking back, and seeing so much I forgot over the years.
The memories make me smile.

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