Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Winds

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go.
For kings and queens are many
but always just Men and Women
Flowing through past what they know
Few born of women ever rise high enough
to secure from whence to watch civilizations
rise and fall
and such cycles for most all
can be hard to discern In the span given to most lives.

Even in a single life long of years
a word may change meaning
or a meaning can change words
and yeah the one living the life
may never notice
the flux that cut the bind
of the futured from the past.

Ere, long past memory of all alive,
common man knew
man could think thoughts large or small.
Even then few knew
the small thoughts
could gain power
as easily and perhaps more easy
than the large
for few in deed send out the large.

But small thoughts gather in coagulation
rather than pass through each other as different frequency notes.
In that gathering
they can become vastly larger
than the largest of individual thoughts
and in gestalt
bring forth a life all of their own.

In long ere times
men could perceive with mind
as well as eye
and they were called dragons.
For the forms could be seen
chasing the Past
as the dragons marched through the sky
in the opposite direction
of the progressions of times
Illustrated by the sun.

Men understood well
that it was the Passions of Mankind
that were the firey flames
emitted in the breathflow of the dragon
scorching all that stood in the way
of that which had become ordained
into life and action.

It was the way of the world
even before came death and taxes
had to be expected
that it was expected
that what went on the minds
became manifest and
affected the past
creating a new future
when the new sunrise
ate up the night
and caused to rise up another day
to go further and onwards.

Some dragons could be celebrated
for the golden gifts they left behind
but even the catastrophic
was considered to be beneficial
after the initial chaos
was reconfigured to benefit.
However the dragons
were a part of is
and life just was forced
to contend with.

Seasons came
and seasons went
and the eons
marched their ways
thru time
and the creation of man evolved anon
forthwith blustering through
to a focus differently
leaving behind the dragon lore
along with fairies
sprites and elves and trolls.
The existence remains
but the life is now
thus no longer known.

Man learned much
but still knew not
the freedoms of free will
that one could think what one learns to think
or even with training to think what one wants to think.
The dragons of afore
could be fought by the champion
and sometimes even slayed
but the ordinary had the view
and the saying came to be
that the wind blows where it wants to.

You hear its sound,
but you don't know where it comes from
or where it is going.
That's the way it is
and naught can be done about it
except accept
and live on.
Unless you're not the usual king or queen.

For it has come to be
in our current modern age
the fairies sprites
and elves and trolls
are only mythical
and unseen
and dragons are but trade winds
carrying the weather
from afar to near
and or
carrying away
yesterday’s clouds
for today's sun
or else the other way around.

The trade winds are vouchsafed
by all and sundry
to be moving and active
yet lifeless and certainly without consciousness,
and most certainly lacking
all or any attributes
of dragoness.

Yet still the wind is wild and free
and goes where it will
In spite of science
or dogma.
And if one earnestly whistles for the wind,
it will come to you
and caress softly a kiss
upon your cheek
even in the stillest quiet
of a stalled midsummer night.

And those greater Dragons also,
that today we think be just the wind,
they listen to more than whistling tunes
for their race is older than many
yet they have never ever aged
but rather just passed through
being this
or being that
in accordance to the rises and falls
that they are witness to.

Many a jack
and noble prince and king
they have watched
just as they have watched many a sweet unknown
in solitary closets
far from the marketplace
slowly elaborately
bringing forth extremely large thoughts
that would make a dragon want to frolic
in the autumn mist
In a land called honah lee
and travel on a boat
with billowed sail.

And now the age again progresses
ebbing and flowing
both in same
with an old ending
and a new emerging
and dragons peek out of caves
of isolation from mankind
and perceive the beckoning call
of those who once again
desire to play.
The eyes of dragons
serpents due
stirred by new delight
to frolic.

Priceless glittering jewels of thoughts
sent forth in asking
is anybody home
like a beacon
draws the attention
of constructs
of many commonnesses.
The dragons are leaving
the parts that formed the gestalts
to their own creators
and are lifting up their own cross
between creation and evolution
to go play a better game.

And all of science
and all of religion
and all of dragon slayers
and dragon hunters
and dragon wanna-be's
can go play their own games.

For the dragons know what they are looking for
when they see it
They been around for a long long long long time
and they haven't forgotten the play
that so many think is just nature
but is the God
of dragons too.
©circa mid-first decade of 2000's George Nelson aka geniii
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