Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's The Right Move

If your Mother's alive, do you visit her much?
If you live away, do you stay in touch?
She raised you, and did her very best
With her care and guidance, you are blessed
If you haven't been to see her in awhile
Because you're too busy, or because of the mile
Life is too short to neglect the good things
Soon she'll be riding upon Angel's wings

If you're holding some sort of grudge
That happened long ago and you won't budge
Think of how you'd feel when you get old
And your children won't visit because they are cold

Only you can bring out the sun
After all that is said and done
Only you can do the thing that is right
Shed some love and some Heavenly light
For once she is gone, you can't turn back time
You can't change a thing, you've crossed over that line

Do what you know to be right, and you'll be smart
You'll know it's the right move, feel it in your heart
Visit the one who was always there by your side
Do it soon, before it's too late and they've died

©August 7, 2015 Bud Lemire
                           Author Note:
So many people hold grudges against some family
member. And the grudges are so little and stupid,
and are held for too long. Forgive and move on,
and remember the good times you had before the
grudge even started. Don't hold onto that grudge.
Let it go, and set yourself free to be a better person.
Be there for the person who needs you there. Make
their last years happier and more pleasant. You
know it's the right thing to do. Look inside your
soul, and know, for the truth is there.

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