Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Words

Another Poem that became a Song

Hello, Mary...!!

One Day, Jacqueline called by my place. We'd broken up as a couple some time ago, though still stayed friends, of course, as that's where we'd started. She said something that was (to me) quite profound. She said : "A piece of YOU came back, today". I joked, something like "I didn't notice anything drop off !", and she replied "It was a piece of your Heart, Phil". She had been out with some Friends, and got talking to a bunch of people in the garden of a local pub. As she got up to leave, one of the people said, (as a parting gesture) "Bless your Heart". Well, that's a term I use, you see.

Jacqueline said it reminded her of me, so that's why she came by to visit. It made me think quite deeply, because it was then that I realised how many terms, and words, or phrases and sometimes music, songs, even sounds and smells remind us of people we have known, past and present. It's not always the particular Words that we remember about those people, though - it's the way they made us FEEL that we remember most, I think, and the words are simply a trigger for that memory.

Tea, cakes and jam always seem to remind me of my Mum, and all those times she and I sat in a beach cafe at the local seaside resort and looked out, over the sea, eating scones, with cream and jam, and her telling me how that reminded her of Her mother, too. Funny. Certain Song titles sometimes remind us of a particular singer, or band, and then, beyond that, of someone we may have been with, the first time we heard it, and how we were Feeling, at that time. Know what I mean..?

As these thoughts entered my mind, I wrote them down on a scrap piece of paper, then later that day another friend (Daz) happened upon them, and started strumming a few chords on a guitar, and I said something like, "Oh, that sounds nice", to which he replied - this is a Song, here, not just a Poem. SO, my friends' words came Alive, and all the notes just fell into place.

Mary, here is the link to the Song.....*S*
*Bless your Heart*
Phil. The Words _ You Tube Link

The Words

A piece of you came back today
I spoke to someone in that way
that Special way, you speak out Loud
to raise each person from the crowd

Those words I spoke came straight from you
I passed them on, the same way, too
...that way you make each person feel
they're such special friends, so real

Each time I speak your words, I try
to use them Wisely, knowing why
...that corner of my heart for you
forever wide apart, ...so True

On every word I feel your smile
memories heard in sweet denial
no Caution, daring, intertwined
those thoughts we shared within our minds
©Published on Mar 24, 2015 Phil Hennessy

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