Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Beautiful Island of Dreams

(The Cry of a New Visitor to the Island)

Through the meadow and over the bridge
     To our beautiful Island we go
To think our thoughts and dream our dreams
     And watch the sunset glow.

But, first we clamber down a bluff,
     Then grab the cable strong;
Climb the "approach" and get the "feel"
     Of the "Swinging Bridge's Song."

Soon you are swinging up and down,
     But also back and forth.
"Come on," they call. "Do not stop,
     If we are to get back on earth!"

"I want to be on earth," I cry.
     But when I step-- well behold!
Nothing is beneath my step,
     But, there I meet it, brass and bold!

I tumble here! I tumble there!
     As I meet that bridge floor next -
But, then it's gone - as I struggle on,
     Like a preacher with his text!

©circa 1940  Carrie E. Joslin

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