Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In Spirit

I was a skeptic, while on Earth
In Spirit, I have found my worth
Imagine it, I can fly!
Here I thought, I'd just die

 It's a whole new world, to explore
I'm amazed, because there's so much more
Don't you shed a tear
Dying is nothing to fear

I'm spending time with my sidekick
When my heart stopped, I came here quick
Aunt Lil was there, to help me here
Mom and other relatives, gave me a cheer

Just a reminder, keep looking up at the sky
See the beauty, in front of your eye
Get yourself a camera, capture what you see
I know in my life, it was the best for me

To those people, that I left behind
I'm fully myself now, in spirit I find
My thoughts are different, than they were before
In Spirit, our thoughts do so much more

Terry wants me to play a game of Pool, so I guess I will go
Yet I want to say something, I think you should know
If you have a Massive Stroke, go into a Coma, and are paralyzed too
Leave your body at once, is what you should do
©July 7, 2017 Bud Lemire
It is so amazing here “In Spirit.” I still have some adjustments to make.
I am getting use to it already, even though I am fairly new. The things they
do over here would amaze you. They do, me. I am free to do so much more
and when it is your time, you shall experience it too.
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