Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Couple Who Stole The Night

The night air lapping up the last bits of spring, tucking them away for another year.
The mist was heavy and the clouds were abundant, but the frame of the moon was brilliant yet again.
The smoke from the chimney mixed with the mist,
and swirled around the countryside, touching everything in its path.
Peeking thru the window was a soft light, and thru the walls crept the sounds of music being played on a piano.
Glasses were clinking and people were laughing and smitten children were watching from the staircase.
One couple lovingly dancing, a slow moving of each in perfect harmony.
The tender motion of the two would mesmerize any onlookers in the group.
They, of course, were in a world of their own. They were celebrating the many lives they had spent thus far on earth.
They were neighbors, therefore, they grew up together, spent their schooling together,
Worked together on various projects until he went off to join the civil war.
They said their goodbyes with misty eyes and heartfelt throbs, and gentle touches of emotion.
Tonight was a reunion. He was finally home from war,
he grew a beard, and his eyes showed a different world he'd descended into.
She, being so much in love, held him tight, and knew he would need love and joy in his life once more.
As they melded as one, to their song, the clock chimed in. It was midnight.
He turned to the room as he held his love so close, and he said,
"Tonight, I asked my darling to marry me.
Tonight, she said yes."
Everyone's smiles lit the room with so much happiness you could almost see the fireworks of love.
A new chapter will now begin, for the couple who stole the night.

©7/18/16 Judith Kroll

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