Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Raindrops and Rivers

Rain drops started falling
     Slowly here and there;
I didn't think much rain would fall
     Because the skies were fair.

Only just a few gray clouds
     I could see them from my door;
But as they came together
     I could hear the thunder roar.

Rain drops then fell faster
     I could hear them overhead;
For all the world like little feet
     Scampering off to bed.

My island home was drenched
     With rain drops sweet and clean;
And streams of water running
     To the rivers could be seen.

The rivers, I think were jealous
     For each one wanted most;
So they gathered in the rain drops
     And then began to boast.

They quarreled with each other
     You should have seen them roar.
I watched them toss and tumble
     Going past my cottage door.

But, when they came together
     I was happy as could be;
For they joined their hands like children
     And laughed and danced with glee.

©circa 1946 Carrie Joslin

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