Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Beautiful Island

(White Island)

My Island was covered this morning
     With a beautiful blanket of white.
Someone had tenderly tucked it in
     While I was asleep last night.
The fields and meadows were covered
     From their heads right down to their toes;
And even the little old garden
     Where in springtime bright flowers grow
I'm sure it wasn't the songbirds
     Who unfolded that blanket last night,
And smoothed it over my Island
     And tucked it in cozy and tight.
For they all came over this morning
     My beautiful Island to see;
And those birds--I know --every one of them
     Were as surprised as they could be.
They wanted their usual breakfast
     Of crumbs on the soft clean ground,
But a blanket of snowy whiteness
     Was all that the little birds found.
So away in the tall trees they gathered
     Maybe a council to hold--
There were bluebirds, redbirds and robins
     And a jay bird bossy and bold!
But, while they fussed and chattered
     Someone thoughtful and wise,
Lifted that beautiful blanket
     By hanging the sun in the skies.

©circa 1940  Carrie E. Joslin

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