Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Old Pike Road

I traveled the old Pike Road one day.
     It led through the woods and far away.
'Twas a funny old road and I laughed with glee,
     For as I traveled-- this story it told to me.

I've been here for oh so many years.
     I've listened to sorrows, joys and cares.
I've carried the living and carried the dead;
     Now I am sure these words the old Pike Road said.

The Pike Road laughed and winked at me
     As it said, "I've seen sights I wish you could see--
I've seen lovers as they made their vows;
     And their secret I hid with my oak tree boughs.

I was made by the slaves in the long ago.
     Their masters were cruel to them I know.
They labored and toiled the whole day long.
When they were tired and hungry, They would sing a song."

Now this is the story it told on the way--
As I traveled from Louisville one summer day.

©1946 Carrie E. Joslin

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