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2018 – An 1 /2 Universal Year – Lesson Taught/Lessons Learned?

      2018. An 11/2 Universal Year. 11 is the first Master Number. It represents the intuitive teacher and inspirational leader. The lessons can be easy. The lessons can be difficult. One thing is certain...the lessons will be learned. Just as in our personal lives, we are usually presented with numerous opportunities from which we can learn the lesson we need to learn. When we choose to ignore them, or when we do not even recognize them, they return. Each and every time they return, the lesson gets a little more dramatic, and possibly even, traumatic. If we continue to ignore these things, the moment will eventually arrive when we will have absolutely no choice but to pay attention as situations and/or conditions will become such that they will be impossible to ignore. We will be forced into taking steps to rectify and clear the situations and then create the tools or opportunities necessary to move forward in our lives. Life being what it is, it will continue to provide us learning experiences and lessons to be learned. The pattern will also play out the way I just mentioned. It is up to us to recognize things for what they are and to then act accordingly. So, as it is in our personal lives, it is in the macro world in which we reside. The big picture is the extension and expansion of our own, individual lives. As above, so below. As within, so with out. 2018 is going to be a year filled with a constant stream of BIG lessons. Things that have remained hidden. Things about which we do not speak. Things that are injustices and inequalities that have been ignored. It will be one, or all (I'm leaning in the direction of 'all') and they will all be writ large in our daily lives and discourses.

      One can usually begin to feel the effects of any given Personal approximately 4-6 weeks before the Year actually begins. With a Universal Year the same rule applies meaning that in mid-November or early December, the energy begins to exercise itself. You would have to have been living in an internet-free cave to not be aware of the paradigm-shifting activities that are taking place. As I like to say regarding a 9 Personal Year heading into a 1 Personal Year, “If you think it was bad before, be prepared for conditions to exacerbate.” Well, the world has been procrastinating and, at times, regressing in its behavior towards the major issues of the day. 2016, (a 9 Universal Year) was the year during which we should have diligently worked towards the goal of changing and rectifying the problems that are a part of our existence. Doing so would have given us a cleaner slate during 2017 (a 1 Universal Year) to move forward while embracing new solutions and better and fairer ways of handling that which ails us and our world. Sadly, there wasn't a lot of that going on. In its place, we've spent the year re-hashing old sore spots and because of that, we have moved backwards to a time that long ago served its purpose. This regression has led us to where we are. The issue(s) have come back with a vengeance. Corruption. Politics before all else. Sexism. Misogyny. Racism. Inequality. Inequity. All that was hidden has been, and will be revealed. Now is the time for the battle to begin. Now is the time to collectively decide the type of country and world in which we choose to live.

      And, so it is, that the energy and vibration of the 11/2 Universal Year comes into play. It is here to teach. It is here to illuminate our path. It is here to emphasize the dualities of the double-1s and the underlying 2 and by so doing, expose us to the concept of understanding and accepting the energy and meaning of the 'Two' in order to show us how to live in concert, with acceptance, and recognition of both sides of all situations. We must learn that it is the opposites that allow us to see clearly. One cannot see the light without having the contrast of darkness.

      On the positive side, 2018 can be a time of an increase in spiritual movements, and in matters of the metaphysical and the occult. This can be a year during which new developments and techniques are introduced in teaching. Of benefit to all, we may also see the rising up, or emergence of spiritual teachers who are here to assist us in our growth. In conjunction with this we may also see and experience an increase in the collective social conscience/consciousness coupled with a prevalence of altruistic behavior.

      2018 is certainly a year during which we must learn the lessons of both the inner and outer worlds. Inspiration and enlightenment from on high are potential conditions that may be revealed and experienced. It is incumbent upon us all to tune into the messages and signals that we receive and then find a way to incorporate these things into our everyday existence. Co-operation, tolerance, acceptance, and learning to work and live in harmony are all elements of the overarching energy of the year. In learning these lessons there is a call for balance and centering. We may very well experience pendulum swings from the material to the spiritual and back again. While this will be a year of increased idealism, it is important that we avoid nit-picking the small details of things and with those with whom we may disagree. Above all, good examples must be set, especially in the realm of increasing the level of dedication, and commitment to working with others. The citizens and leaders of the world must learn to incorporate the concept of service to others and we must commit ourselves to mastering ideas, ideals, concepts, and thoughts that, at their core, are dedicated to the betterment of our collective and individual existences. We may find answers and inspiration through the various expressions of the arts, be it art, music, movies, literature, and just plain, old conversations. The year can also bring about improvements in our psychological systems while we also experience new and exciting breakthroughs in the world of scientific developments and innovations. 2018 is also fertile ground for the introduction of great new inventions designed to improve our lives, environment, and overall well-being.

      In many ways, 2018 will be a testing period. Humankind will be faced with challenges that require thoughtful and compassionate responses and we must steer ourselves in new direction and in new and less divisive fashions. We should all be prepared for sudden events that will require quick decisions and decisive actions. We must behave in a manner that indicates our acknowledgment and acceptance that we are all brothers and sisters in one, gigantic family and while we may have our disagreements, it will behoove us all to find a way forward that improves life for everyone. In the course of taking action, we must guard against impulsiveness and we must learn to exercise far more patience and tolerance with people and conditions that may exist. This is a year during which we must find ways to get rid of our past mistaken thoughts and actions. Especially those that have helped create and solidify any and all negative circumstances. Now is the time to select the right combination of attitudes to create more favorable and desirable results moving forward.

      On the geo-political stage, more information may be revealed about any legal/illegal dealings regarding money. This may particularly play out with regard to Trump and the Russians and the tangled web that has been woven by the players involved. Obviously, dependent upon the words and actions of world leaders, the underlying energy of the 2 presents the opportunity for the peace-making component of the number to be brought into play. 2018 may certainly bring to a head issues for which there are two completely different and opposite viewpoints. Politically this could be the right/left political divide. It may also further bring to center stage the ongoing issues surrounding the relationships of the male and female energies. 2 is a feminine energy number and 2018 has great potential with regards to elevating the female archetype to a more prominent (and deserving) place in society, government, business, and all other aspects of life.

      In the world of the Tarot, 11 is the card of Justice. This card is a representation of teaching, education, and guidance. We must seek to find balance through justice as we weigh the meaning of present situations and conditions, and achieve balance by overcoming the errors of the past. The use of discrimination in our thoughts and deeds is highlighted. It is imperative that we individually and collectively work to eliminate the poisonous toxins in life.

      As with all numbers, the 11/2 also has negative attributes and conditions that are associated with it. We must be vigilant and guard against an increase in political, economic, and spiritual fanaticism. In our vigilance, we must guard against any complacency and smugness which may be present, or which increases in prevalence in powerful institutions. We must speak up against prejudices, inequalities, and inequities. 2018 has great potential to be a testing and challenging period and we must be diligent in making certain that the energy is channeled into positive ideas and things. There is great caution to guard against any existing negativity and, we must be hyper-alert in allowing these conditions to increase and/or exacerbate, for this will lead to even greater fears and doubts. It is our duty to hold all our leaders (political, religious, business, and cultural) accountable for their words and actions and we must be careful to not allow the casting of fears and doubts to become a pandemic that sweeps our nation and the world. We must be cautious in our assessment of others' motives and beware of any and all suspect motives in our international (and national) dealings. It is very important that we don't take things for granted and that we look beyond the face value of words. We must be aware of the possibility that we will be let down by our friends, allies, and our own political leaders. We must be especially mindful that others' activities are not prompted by things that we do or propagate. The worst case scenario indicates that it may be almost impossible to come to any agreements or decisions.
If not exercised as the 11 there is great danger of the worst of the 2 being in play.
That will give us a world of submissiveness and being taken advantage of for the enrichment of a few.

      In summary, 2018 is the second year in the current 9-year cycle. 2017 saw us suffer the consequences of not dealing with things in 2016 and previous years. Throughout the past year, the veil continued to be lifted and the dark, unseemly underbelly of life continued to be exposed. The 11/2 energy of this year will present us numerous and frequent opportunities to confront our weaknesses while we look for the leaders and ideas that will move us forward into a new and better world for everyone. Inspiration, ideals, and new ideas are all going to benefit from the fertile ground of the upcoming year. We must look for the individuals who are capable and committed to lifting up everyone. Of great caution, we must guard against those who will look to seize opportunities to make their points in violent or aggressive means thus becoming martyrs to their cause. With that being said, we must also be prepared to accept the fact that the more we ignore the important lessons we should be learning, the more dramatic and traumatic events may be to get our attention.

      Above all, 11 is a teacher. Ideally, our lessons will be somewhat benign and we will easily learn what we must learn. Yet, just as in our personal lives, when there is something to which we must direct our focus and attention to make changes and alterations to our behavior(s), the more we ignore the lessons, the greater the intensity and drama of that which takes place. I believe that everyone reading this who has enough self-awareness to see this pattern in their own life, or in the lives of those to whom they are close, can identify with this unfolding of events. Eventually, we are forced into taking action because we are left with no further options.

      For example, over the past years America has seen a seemingly never-ending string of mass shootings. The lesson has to do with guns, aggressiveness, and violence and how much we value each and every life. Without being political, a big portion of the conversation has to do with guns and their presence in our lives. Sadly, the very politics of this issue have paralyzed us from coming to a common sense agreement as to how we handle things and how we move forward while reducing the frequency and horror of these events. While saying this, I must share with you an enlightened awareness I received this year when it comes to the Master Numbers. I have always believed and taught (and I still do) that the Master Numbers are exalted positions of their lower number. I have always said that in some ways people with these numbers 'volunteered' to come back to this plane, at this time, to fulfill a specific purpose in the greater scheme of things. They came to Teach. Inspire. Build. Lead. Create. Nurture. To have a Master Number, and to have it exist in its optimal condition, it is imperative and necessary that one subjugate one's personal life to the greater good. (If someone has a Master Number and goes through life with a 'me first' attitude, in all probability their life will be one filled with hardships and obstacles. Things may never work out as expected and life can become quite burdensome.) While I was fully aware that all numbers have both positive and negative characteristics and attributes, I always viewed the Master Numbers as the potential 'bright lights'. And then something happened. Well, actually, multiple somethings happened. And kept happening.

Those somethings were the mass shootings that have become so common in America that we have become inured to their horribleness. Numerology is such a part of who I am, that I am hard-pressed to not do a chart on anyone in the news. Hell, I can't drive without doing license plates! But, I digress. In doing charts for the shooters in these horrific killings, I noticed that quite often there were Master Numbers involved. The more shootings, the more Master Numbers. After Las Vegas, it came to me that the presence of these numbers in these events indicated that these shooters were actually fulfilling their chosen role of being teachers. Granted, this is not the conventional way to teach but if one gives consideration to what is written in the first paragraph, one can see that we have not learned any lessons when it comes to guns and violence in America. We ignore it. We cloak it in patriotism. We says it's our right (which it is) but we are also guaranteed 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' and nothing can stop that quicker than a bullet. So, giving thought and consideration to these situations leads me to believe that 2018 has great potential to go either way in a dramatic and potentially life-changing way. We've had years to get things right. We haven't done as well as we could have, or should have. The conditions to which I referred previously are going to be front and center. In the theater of life we will all have orchestra seats and we will all bear witness to what unfolds. We can all be changed for the better. Or, the worse. I wish for the former. I fear for the latter.

      In conclusion, 2018 can be the year during which we break down the barriers and do away with the conditions that exist that make things as bad as they are. We must 'look to the heavens'. In reality, we must look within ourselves to find our way forward. We must do this individually and collectively. We must be vigilant in looking for the inspirations and teachers who are here to assist. We must gravitate towards a more loving, compassionate, and caring world. We must forsake those for whom their own self interests are their driving force. We must lift up and rise up out of the muck and find the way to light our paths. We must help those who need assistance. It starts with each one of us and must spread from one to another. We must recognize and identify the dualities that exist and we must make collective decisions as to which path will be the path for moving forward in a positive manner. We must also be prepared for things to worsen if we do not change course in so many ways. Personally, I believe that 2018 can, and should be, the Year of the Woman. The paradigms are shifting. Those who currently hold power realize their days are numbered and I am certain they will not leave the stage without a fight. Fight we must if our intentions are good and pure.


      The choice is yours. The effects belong to us all.
I wish each and every one of you the absolute best for the coming year. May you be inspired to do your best to improve your life and the lives of all with whom you have contact. Be steadfast. Be strong. Be brave. Be loving. Be caring.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro

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