Monday, January 1, 2018

Book Love Lost

There was a time
When books were special to me.

Oh I still enjoy them well enough,
But now, when I have all the books

That I could ever want,
They no longer satisfy my needs.

I’ve lost something I once found so dear
I held them close like lovers.

I see them but no longer cherish them
Like I did when I was young,

Don’t caress their precious sides,
Inhale the perfume of their paper,

Fall asleep with one across my chest
Rising and falling with my breath.

Once I had to journey far to find them,
Ventured to the library downtown

Knowing I could only bring a few
Back to my room with me

And that for but a week or two.
Now I’m host to hundreds

Like an ink and paper harem
By my hearth. How could I think

My special love could last,
Think my special love could last?

©2017 John I. Blair, 11/25/2017

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