Monday, January 1, 2018

Looking Back on The Year

Looking back on the year, as it ends
A new outlook on life, a new job, and new friends
Another brother left this world, in spirit he'll be
I'll cherish his life, and what he meant to me

 Capturing another year of every beautiful scene
Creatures, events, clouds, and everything in between
A love that found me, is deeper than most
An adventure on Skype, which I'll raise a toast

The struggle goes on for a dear friend of mine
She gets through each day, without crossing the line
My health took a downfall, but I got it under control
Fear was upon me, but courage made me whole

Another great year spent at the U.P. State Fair
A great friend, a great concert, a great time we could share
A jigsaw puzzle to work on for Michael and me
Pieces fit together, with friendship as the key

A new year begins, while one year ends
I thank God for his guidance, and for having so many friends
As I end this poem, with thoughts passing through
I will say these words, “Happy New Year To You”
©Dec 21, 2017 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Each year of our life, is so very different from the one
before it. And each year that follows is so very unique.
Our lives change with each year. New friends, new
experiences, the unexpected, and so much more.

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