Monday, January 1, 2018

On The Fence

When you sit on the fence, you could fall either way
It might be tomorrow, or even today
Whichever way you fall, you'll do your best
Because inside of you, you have been blessed

 With the experience you have, and all that was taught
Stored in your mind, made aware with a thought
Using the gift, that has made this you
You'll know exactly, what you should do

Look all around, what will this side of the fence bring
Greener grass, beautiful flowers, or almost anything
Sitting on a fence forever, won't bring you anywhere
Only when you know what to do, will you be aware

While you sit on the fence, take time to see
Look all around, and find out who you will be
Review each side of the fence, which side will you choose
No matter your choice, there is nothing to lose

The side that you pick, you'll make the best of
You'll do even better, if you do it with love
When you sit on the fence, you could fall either way
But it's up to you, what you'll do with each day
©Dec 21, 2017 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Some people waste their days away wondering what to do. The
choices we make while sitting there can bring us far. There are
no wrong choices, just experiences that will help us grow. Through
those experiences, we learn and we grow to be who we want to be.
But we shouldn't stay too long on that fence. For our time here is
limited, and we must make the most of each moment.

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