Monday, January 1, 2018

The Light from The Other Side

The Christmas lights were on, all along Ludington street
Candy canes hung on trees, residents wanted something sweet
It was very quiet, on this special holiday
The only people seen, was a man in a van that was gray
Inside the van, was a man who recently lost his wife
He had been considering, if he should take his life
He remembered life, the way it use to be
There were some things, he just couldn't see
Two Angels walked beside him, soon he would be aware
His life would have more meaning, somebody did care
A spirit of a woman, who had golden hair
Walking right beside him, but he was not aware
She held him tightly, and with a whisper in his ear
Said “You must go on enjoying life, it is precious here”
So caught up in his own sadness, he didn't hear what was said
The woman that he loved, was alive in spirit, not dead

Soon the light of love, would come shining through
As the golden haired spirit merged saying “I Love You”
All of a sudden he changed so quick
He felt her love, it had done the trick
“Baby, you must go on enjoying life, I'll always be around”
“I'll share in all the happiness, wherever you are found”
He felt her love, and words could be heard in his mind
He wondered, how he could have been so blind

“Baby, there are still some things that you need to do”
“Before the Journey you are on, is over and is through”
She put an image in his head
Of a woman with hair so red
She was holding a baby, with a smile on his face
“Baby this is your future, it will bring you to a wonderful place”
“I want you to be happy, until your journey is complete”
“Then when it is over, it will be our time to meet”
Along with all his fallen tears
He felt all his banished fears
It was going to be a better Christmas, than he would ever know
Because of the special message, from someone with a special soul
©Nov 29, 2017 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
I know at Christmas time, sadness can be felt for us who are missing
someone who is in Heaven. But know this, they join us in every occasion
and wouldn't miss the time to be with us. Even though we can't see them.
They are with us, and sharing their love with us.

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