Friday, February 1, 2019

We Used to Laugh

We used to laugh at the good and the bad
Sometimes we would cry at the happy and sad
New days and sunrises upon this lonely town
Many compromises as you try to talk me down

We used to fly through the endless paradise
The more we would try we never had to think twice
Now there are dreams that could never be real
You used to ask me ‘how do you feel’?

My body aches, my patience wears thin
No big mistakes, but don’t know where to begin
What has become of the silver and the glow
Past visits to nowhere is what I can hold

We used to laugh at the good and the grand
Sometimes we forget when we learned how to stand
New dreams at midnight in the depths of my mind
You used to tell me,  ‘I would never leave you behind’

©1/3/19 Bruce Clifford

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