Saturday, July 1, 2023

A Friend Named Steve

 By Bud Lemire

I was told, in Louisiana, he fell out of a tree
Helping out, after a hurricane, and fell quickly
He ended up at Harbor Tower, and needed care
Through the agency I worked for, I became aware

Looking back ten years ago, it seems like a dream
Donna wanted me to help with him, be part of the team
I was shy at first, but then I got to know him
Donna would come by, to give him a trim

We got to know each other well
I'd listen to his past that he would tell
Trips to Beaver Island, with his Dad
All the plane trips, that they had

On TV during the day, he watched CNN News
We both agreed, and had the same political views
In the evening, it was “Archer,” “Futurama,” and “Family Guy”
I'd stay until work was done, visit awhile, and say goodnight and bye

He'd tease me for a reaction, and watch my face
I always had a snappy comeback, to put him in his place
He said to me once, “It's great to have another intelligent person to talk to”
As the time passed by, the friendship that we had come to know, grew

Whenever there was something, that I didn't want to do
He'd joke around, and we always made it through
He was a good man, and also very smart
If you knew him like I did, he had a good heart

©Jan 16, 2023 Bud Lemire

                      Author Note:

Steve, you made it to the spirit world now. You
can walk, and do many things you couldn't before.
You are free of the limitations your body gave you.
We are all free of our limitations when we pass.
Thank you for being a friend of mine. As I was
there for you, you were also there for me. The
world out there is a cruel place, and we fought
our fears together. Thank you my friend.


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