Saturday, July 1, 2023

It’s All Relative

 By Walt Perryman

In this modern world, this is what I seem to find,
Everything is relative in my little human mind.

I do not understand anything about electricity at all,
But I know it comes on when I flip the switch on the wall.

I was happy back when I had two channels on my TV,
Now, I have hundreds, but not one that I want to see.

How my first microwave cooked so fast, I didn’t know,
Now, if it cooks something in 3 minutes, it’s too slow.

The first computers filled up a large room way back then.
Now, I can put one in my pocket and have room for a pen.

Another thought about relativity that may seem odd;
Many people take everything for granted, except God.

I guess this morning this is what I am trying to say,
I don’t understand God, but I believe in him anyway.

©June 2023 Walt Perryman

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