Saturday, July 1, 2023

On Trek

By Judith Kroll

We live in a world of treasures

Many people hunt for treasures, but a three-year-old finds them daily. A pretty stone, bark from a tree, A smile on a face, a rabbit in the grass.

We grow older and we are still finding treasures that pop up daily.

A beautiful sunrise that puts a smile on our face, and then we race, to take a picture.

Flowers in bloom, that brighten our yards, feed the bees, and attract the butterflies, and dragonfly's.

Birds singing every night, our own personal choir, all in harmony. Never a sour note in the orchestra of our winged friends.

Treasures abound when we can take the time to use our senses to the fullest. Each pore in our body is aroused when we feel the raindrops gently landing on our skin. Smell the dirt after the rain. The raindrops making their own music on a tin roof.

The excitement that overtakes our emotions when a seed we planted, watered and loved, starts to pop thru the earth, waving, here I am!!. When the wind gently caresses our faces in the evening summer nights. I can go on and on about the treasures of life.

When we start to stop, taking the time to peek thru time and enjoy our surroundings, we know it is a gift of love to each one of us.

I haven’t even started on the joys of fur babies in our homes. That is another story., for another beautiful moment in time.
Love Judith

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