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By Pauline Evanosky

Tools and Psychic Readings

There are lots of objects associated with psychic readings. In the beginning, whatever tool you are planning to use, before you can give a psychic reading for anybody else you must practice on yourself. I suppose that’s why so many tattoo artists carry so many tattoos on their bodies. Or, as my grandmother always said, “Never trust a cook who is not fat.”

The idea of a psychic reading is to impart some sort of information to the person wanting a reading that they might not have realized before or perhaps chosen to ignore. Who hasn’t done that? Everybody, myself included.

For instance, “I see trouble in your future. Be careful around big trucks.” I know that’s sort of blatant and I wouldn’t personally choose to phrase information received that way to a client. I don’t like to scare people. Besides, the information you get can be interpreted and presented in all sorts of ways. That information can also change as that particular future approaches for the person. That Mac truck might change to a stumble on a street curb depending on what is going on for the person. Why would it change? Because we all have choices we can make. The future is out there but there are 1,236 ways you can get there.

You might also look at it this way. If you are able to somehow intervene and avert a person’s death if that’s what is supposed to happen it will happen next week, or next month, or not at all.

So, I suppose my first rule in a psychic reading is to be gentle.

This article is not so much about how you present information that comes to you in a psychic fashion, but to see all the different things you likely already have on hand to conduct a psychic reading.

In my opinion, you don’t need a crutch. You just don’t need it. You, like everyone else on the planet, have the ability to tap into your own psychic awareness. However, I will caution you that you will be letting go of many of your own belief systems. Up isn’t up anymore. But a crutch can be a tool to use to allow you to have access to psychic information.

It’s like drawing. Are you going to use a pencil or a brush? The drawing is in your mind and your heart. The brush or pencil merely puts your interpretation of what you are seeing on paper. You could also express yourself with writing, with music, with sculpture. That same vision you saw in your head is represented to others in a medium you feel comfortable using. Perfect chocolate cake? Yes.

As you open to your own psychic awareness you will be kinder than you were before. You will be more compassionate and understanding. You will also become a hard ass. At times, you will seem to be uncaring and yet caring all at the same moment. Your relationship with God and with Spirit is likely to take a hard right turn and become more steadfast than it ever was.

When you really get serious about becoming more psychic you will understand the purest, the most intact and correct psychic information comes when you are well-centered. This includes therapy. Yes, you need it. Everybody does. You need work. Everybody does.

The reason is because everybody on the face of the earth interprets the information they receive through their own emotional well-being or their own emotional unease. As an example, if you’ve always had a fear of being poisoned, your focus during a reading might be very cautionary toward the things a person might ingest.

I have a perfect example with myself. I am overweight and have had several eating disorders through the years. Even though I have never taken the plunge to address these issues about myself with a psychiatrist, they are there, still. I might be able to be clear about most things in my life, but that particular one? No. So, I know I should not give dieting advice. In any case, you get my point. Know your limitations and try as you might you are never going to be “perfect”, unless, of course, you want to clean up your act, so to speak, and make an appointment for some therapy. You likely will never heal completely, but having a better understanding will help you out.

You are human, and you will always be human in this lifetime and that’s what we have to look forward to.

Stuff happens when you start believing in yourself. My number one rule is to promise God, Spirit, or your own heart that you will always try to take care of yourself first. If something is bothering you, then you will look into it and will not ignore it. My advice to start with is to keep a journal and write in it every day. Whether it is a notebook or a computer document, just record your thoughts every day.

We tend to believe the proof before our eyes.

You might think of crutches or props like training wheels. You’re moving toward a place where you are no longer afraid to open yourself up to the vibrational planes of psychicness. It can smack you in the face leaving you breathless and I will admit at times frightened. Number two rule is to not be scared.

What happens with psychic information is when you are not accustomed to receiving it is you can become frightened. Like if you were to psychically see a train wreck. Were you so frightened that you wrenched yourself away from the sight to say you’re never going to do that again? Or will you settle down, calm yourself, get back into a meditative state, and say, “Please give me more information about this.” Notice I said please? Yes, you, like your spirit guides will be, should be polite. You can say, “Has this already happened?” Now, this is where you speak with your guide. Your guide might say, “Yes, it has already happened.” And so, warning anybody of this impending disaster need not be on your mind. You are now in training, and this is how it happens.

You provide the direction. Spirit will take you there. You make your own rules and Spirit will accommodate them.

Some of the tools of divination or crutches you can use in psychic readings are:

  • Tarot Cards or even a regular deck of playing cards
  • Runes
  • Pendulums
  • Table Tipping or Table Tapping
  • Scrying or Crystal Ball Gazing
  • Tea Leaves
  • Crystals
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

Start with something where you will learn the rules involved. The tarot and runes have attributes connected with each card or stone. Practice with yourself. Start with very simple spreads, like three items to look at. Past, present, future. Or even just one card. When you set out a spread of cards you have a question in your mind: What can I make the focus of my day today? Or tell me about my past, my present, and my future. Keep a notebook and record all your impressions. This is where you begin to gain a sense of direction. You realize that each card or rune impacts its mates.

Even if all you have is a deck of playing cards you can use them as a tool of divination. Using regular playing cards is called cartomancy and dates from the 1700s. Different meanings can be ascribed to each of the cards and once you start getting a handle on what the different cards mean then you can start giving readings.

So, here’s a story. I was in the early days of my own psychic exploration. I said to my husband, “I think I’m going to buy a pack of tarot cards.” He said, “Yes, I think you should” I was surprised because I’d thought he’d be the last person on earth who would be open to the tarot. Anyway, I bought the cards and pulled the devil, the hanged man, and the tower. I was shocked. I was appalled. I was frightened. I knew nothing about the tarot except those were some ominous cards. I reshuffled and pulled the same three again. Now, I’m hyperventilating. I reshuffled and pulled them again. Three stinking times in a row. That got my attention. There was no way a person could pull the three most ominous powerful cards in the tarot in a row and not have it mean something psychic. I opened up the small pamphlet that came with the cards and read: Your life is about to change in a rather dramatic fashion. It did.

From there you make your own deck and your own rules and meanings. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an artistic bent and painted your own cards? People are always making up their own Tarot decks. I used the standard Rider-Waite deck. Over the years I’ve purchased a few other decks, but I always go back to my Rider-Waite deck. It’s what I learned first.

The simplest forms of connection to psychic awareness have two choices for answers. Yes and no. Do I or Don’t I? A pendulum can provide that for you. You can buy one or make one. If it swings up and down that is Yes. If it swings sideways it is no. If it keeps going in a circle that might be maybe.

I love to table tip. What can I say? It is entertaining. It’s also difficult to do. I’ve only ever been able to do it by myself a handful of times. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. You make up rules as to what the answers are going to be. Like if the table tips left that means something and if it tips the other way it means something else. If it twirls, which I’ve seen happen, that might mean maybe. You can also do table tapping. I’ve had that happen more often. Many times, for me the table tapping is a prelude to a table tipping. It sounds just like a fist was under the table knocking. For me, as I settle into a good session, my hands laying flat on the table begin to feel as if they were lying on the surface of jello. They will begin to dip under the surface of the table. I have no idea what this looks like because I keep my eyes shut, but that’s what it feels like to me. Mushing through a jello tabletop. Then, the tapping starts and then the table begins to vibrate, and slowly, slowly one of the legs of the table tips up off the ground.

My husband and I went to a group table tipping once. There had to have been a good 20 or more people in the room. The host had four card tables set up. We all sat around the tables. He spoke to Spirit for a while about how we were all gathered to respectfully make contact. Then, the speaker invited all of us to get into a meditative state of mind. We spoke a series of the word Om to induce a thoughtful, prayerful attitude.

This was the table tipping where I first felt what I call the jello effect. Then, the table vibrated. The speaker was not at our table, but the next one over. He started speaking to Spirit (we didn’t know who it was) in a very commanding voice. He would say, “Table up! Table up!” Personally, I thought it was a bit disrespectful to speak to Spirit that way, but I didn’t say anything. As the tables began to dance, rearing up three legs at a time and thumping down hard as they seemed to gather more energy he asked us to keep our toes out of the way. We began to stand up and push our chairs back as the tables became more active. I swear those legs were coming up off of the ground a good foot at least at a time. Whirling and twirling we were barely able to keep a physical connection with the tables. You can go to YouTube and ask to see a table tipping.

To me I saw nothing that would indicate cheating was going on especially as we had to stand up to accommodate the action of the tables. These were card tables too and you couldn’t see any sort of apparatus underneath. My own experiments, later on, got the same sorts of results though they never got to be as dramatic as the first table tipping I went to.

You make up the rules. The intention is to talk to some entity in Spirit. In Victorian times Spiritualism was very popular and people had lots of seances. If I were to do something like that, I would ask my guide to be present or someone of his choosing. I mean, I’d talk to Elvis if you wanted to, but I feel to respect the process I’d best not go with the celebrities, though there are many I talk to now. Gilda Radner just volunteered to participate in my next table-tipping. The first time I ever talked to her while I was reading the book she wrote, “It’s Always Something” she made me laugh. She said, “Well, I guess I still have it.” I purchased a cute little red pedestal table that sits out on my patio right now specifically for possible table-tipping sessions. Right now, I drink my coffee and read my Kindle out there.

I haven’t had a whole lot of results with scrying or with crystal ball gazing. I have a crystal ball. As my guide said to me once, “What self-respecting psychic would be without one?” So, I bought it. It was pretty expensive too. I later learned any sort of orb would do the trick. Like a Christmas tree ornament. The same thing with scrying which can be done with a dark mirror or with a bowl of water that has been filled to the brim so that the edge is bowing up and over the edges of the bowl. I have four cats in the house. You put a bowl of water down and they are there to have a drink. The idea with these three forms of psychic interpretation is that you see visions and interpret them. The visions I get are when I close my eyes, so that’s what I tend to go with.

The crystals were intended to raise psychic vibrations. Same thing with the Tibetan singing bowls. I have lots of crystals on hand and a couple of the Tibetan bowls. I don’t know if they were instrumental in raising my vibrations. I can say they comfort me. I will say, though, that pieces of Moldavite are extremely powerful. Also, these days, they are very expensive. $20 or so for a piece the size of your thumbnail. Moldavite is described as an outer space stone and has different sorts of vibrations than our normal crystals do. The moldavite I purchase is from the potato fields in Czechoslovakia

In the beginning of my psychic venturing, I had a lot of Moldavite around me. Over the years, and before I quit drinking, I ended up giving a lot of it away. A piece I gave to a friend of mine was so well received she reported she had very vivid dreams and four orgasms the first night she put it in a pouch to wear as a necklace. Let’s just say it has different effects on different people.

If you are more comfortable using a tool to “see” by all means do it. All I am saying is you don’t need to.

There is no need to fear any particular tool of divination. They will all work. The secret is aligning yourself with Spirit. That, more than anything is the hardest and the easiest thing in the world to do.

Thank you for reading.


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