Thursday, August 1, 2013

By The Numbers


August is a 14/5 Universal Month. 14/5 is one of the Karmic Debt numbers in Numerology and has a great deal to do with the human condition and the sexual principles of life. With the 5 being a representation of (among other things) the human condition, August may see more focus and attention paid to things having to do with the physical being of people.

 This may be especially important in the ongoing fight around women's reproductive rights and the continuing crackdown on abortion by state legislatures. We may very well see an increase and intensity in this battle as people on both sides look to assert their positions as the 14/5 also concerns the issues of pregnancy and social and family obligations. With 5's desire for balance and law and order, once again the people's voices must be heard and considered, especially in the realm of legal documents and laws. 5 also represents the elements of freedom and change and perhaps these elements will gain importance in an area that should be entirely personal, without the interference or constraints of government or social agendas. Additionally, 14/5 includes conditions and situations revolving around national, community and social conscience. Might this not be a good time for people and politicians to work from a place of good conscience that includes concern and importance for the common good?

August will also bring about an increase in attention to matters of health, wealth and education. A receptivity to new things may help in propelling the dialogue regarding these matters. It will be important for all to slow down and give thought and consideration to previous behavior patterns. Increased concentration and mental transference can bring about new influences and changes where necessary. One positive way to foster and bring about such changes will be through the use of tact, diplomacy and persuasion. A key word to keep in mind during all conversations and actions is consideration to all opinions and perspectives and acting, again, from a place that creates the best for everyone and enhances the common good.

5 is known for its bold and adventurous spirit and its willingness to take chances, and August amplifies opportunities to do so. This may be a month in which the unusual or extraordinary receives notice and the time is ripe for new and different products and ideas. The 14/5 energy is good for sales, travel and a change of pace and these conditions may bring about increases in the selling and purchases of goods and services. One caution is to be aware that trends towards desire creates a need for balance, again, keeping in mind the major conditions of the sexual principles associated with this number. Opportunities will exist to create balance in the physical realm as well as the creative ability to manifest change(s). All things and situations should be met with an abundance of enthusiasm and a willingness to make the necessary modifications. The principle of the 14/5 is the destruction of the old and the re-building of the new underscored by learning the lesson of detachment. Through these actions can we discover the true meanings of peace and freedom. It is through learning to love the law of change that it will be conquered.

In the world of business, along with the potential for increased sales (especially in the categories of pleasure-driven items), there is also increased energy regarding speculation and competition. While there may be losses of property or business failures, it must be remembered that losses will bring on gains.

On the negative side, the 14/5 energy of August may also bring on a rise in dishonesty and irresponsibility. People may leave jobs over issues real or imagined. There may also be an increase in fraudulent practices and these may arise in the areas of business and government. It is important that you stay engaged in the on-going processes and allow your voice to be heard...both individually and collectively.

2013 is a 6 Universal Year and the elements of responsibility, family, home and service to others must be considered in all that is contemplated or acted upon. After the 13/4 energy of July and its elements of transitional change, August continues the vibration under which the world continues to transform as we struggle to bring balance, system and equality to all things.

Blessings of Love & Light!
Michael John Fierro

Editor's Note: Michael John Fierro has also done the numerological profiles on George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  They are published in this issue.

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