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George Zimmerman: Who Is He?

The Story Behind The Person

Recently, the news has been filled with stories about the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, in Sanford FL. Much has been written and talked about regarding the events leading up to, and culminating in Martin's death. The trial of Zimmerman ended in an acquittal. As a Numerologist, I am interested in George Michael Zimmerman, the person. What makes him tick? Could he be capable of killing someone? What might drive him to act in such an aggressive fashion? Is he capable of being an individual driven by fear/hate/racism and by his own idea of what is right or wrong? This profile of him will provide insight into what makes George Zimmerman tick and what may have been behind his actions on that fateful night.

In a numerological profile, I put emphasis on the Challenges (the issues in life as determined by the Life Path) and the Karmic Lessons (determined by the numbers that are missing in the spelling of one's name). The combination of these aspects of the chart go a long way in showing the areas of life in which an individual will have difficulties that result in aberrant or 'wrong' behavior. Coupled with the information provided through the rest of the chart, one can get a clear picture of what makes someone tick and how they may behave in various situations.

George Michael Zimmerman, born on 10/5/1983 has a 19/1 Soul Urge; a 21/3 Personality/Image; a 13/4 Expression and a 9 Life Path. His sub-Challenges are 4, 2, and 2 with a Lifetime Challenge of 2. Of his Major Numbers the 19/1 and the 13/4 are Karmic Numbers indicating that upon entering this plane he brought forth with him major lessons and energies and many, dramatic choices during the course of this lifetime.

While the 19/1 Soul Urge indicates leadership talents that could be useful it also shows that in all situations the All (9) must be considered in the doing of the One (1). As with all numbers, 19/1 has both positive and negative aspects. The positive aspects show great talent in heading up projects and a strong ability to take mistakes, learn from them, and turn them into something beneficial. It certainly can attract love and money resulting in a good marriage, a contented home life, material success as well as honor and esteem. The 19/1 can create many twists and turns in life which may result in starting over on many occasions. One of the important lessons of this number is the mastering of emotions, as failing to do so will result in emotional upheavals and uncontrolled impulses. This, in turn, can lead to material loss and failures. A truly negative 19/1 may lead a double life, creating a positive image on one hand while leading a life of deceit and a lack of truth. This path will lead to what could be construed as a spiritual fall as well as a testing of one's courage. Losses come about through unseen dangers and treachery. It is possible that out of this tragedy could come growth and healing that can lead to being an influence in the relief of suffering. Only time will tell if Zimmerman will learn the big lesson from this tragedy and move forward to enlighten himself and others.

21/3 is a fortuitous number that can bring about good fortune and success. This is an expressive and creative energy that calls for an orderly progression of things to assure success. Acting without thinking will bring about problems that can not only impact oneself, they will impact others. Negatively the same tenacity that can result in success will also assure loss as situations with others can remove the things that provide a sense of security. The negative 21/3 is also very stubborn and refuses to learn the lessons that life offers. Once again, Zimmerman can take this situation and turn it into something that benefits others (and by extension, himself) as the number represents the cosmic consciousness.

The 13/4 Expression number in Zimmerman's chart is one of the most karmic of all the Karmic Numbers. With its representation of 'death', the 13/4 shows that the lifetime can be a continuing series of lives and deaths through a never-ending progression of changes. This number is very much an 'all or nothing' vibration with every situation being of great importance and dramatic cause and effect. Those with the 13/4 must learn to ride the peaks and valleys of life and be willing to embrace the changes that come along. Just as things seem to settle down, something else comes along that requires attention and focus. Because of this condition, a secure home and secure relationships are necessary as a grounding device. Although not a leader, per se, the 13/4 will carry on for others. This could lead to a heightened sense of self-importance as Zimmerman would see himself as the person who can take care of what he perceives to be 'problems'. Coupled with his 9 Life Path, George has a heightened sense of idealism and he may see many things as a 'cause' to which he must devote time and energy.

The negative side of the 13/4 carries with it a bad temper that leads to rash actions that can harm others. This leads to changes that are destructive and detrimental to his own life and possibly the lives of those around him. In this condition of the 13/4, one is spiritually asleep and unaware of the bigger picture and the part that each of us plays in creating a whole that is beneficial to everyone.

As with the previous numbers, opportunities abound for Zimmerman to manifest changes that will improve his life and the lives of others. If he were to become an advocate for tolerance and acceptance, he could go a long way towards healing the wounds created by his actions.

The major lesson of the 9 Life Path is to learn one's humanitarian purpose and share it. 9, with its great compassion, tolerance and altruistic take on life, can always be a force for good, often sacrificing itself for the benefit of the greater collective. It is the 9 that can lead the way by offering up an example of what a good life can do and how it can be beneficial. The caution with the 9 is always to be aware of a tendency to be too idealistic without giving any thought to how one can affect others by forcing one 's ideals on those people. This is also a vibration that can lead to great disappointment because of an unwillingness, or inability to conceive of a perspective other than the one that is held. Negatively, the 9 can be overly emotional, frustrated, selfish, unfulfilled, burdened and easily disappointed. If Zimmerman feels these conditions (and I felt strongly that he does) it would cause him to act irrationally without much thought given to the consequences of his actions. He lacks the understanding of others' motives and could easily be immoral, vulgar and a liar.

In looking at the Challenges and Karmic Lessons in George Zimmerman's chart, one can begin to truly understand in what areas he would have the most difficulties and, by extension, how these issues could manifest themselves in his day-to-day life.

George has no 2s in the spelling of his name. The Lesson here is to learn patience with, and tolerance of, others. There is a lack of consideration for others and the qualities of tact and co-operation may be missing. Coupled with the fact that he only has 1-1 in the spelling of his name (showing a lessened sense of self), he may look for ways to assert himself to make himself feel better without giving a thought to how his actions may affect others. What truly exacerbates these conditions is the 2nd and 3rd Sub-Challenges of 2 and a Lifetime Challenge of 2. Zimmerman's biggest challenge in life is to learn to be patient, tolerant of others and sensitive to others. With the representation of the 2 in the realm of partnerships and relationships, he would constantly be tested in how he interacts with others. The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, would continually put him in situations in which he would have to overcome his Challenge and become a loving and understanding person.

George also has 2-8s in the spelling of his name and the 8 can add the element of a temper, anger and rage to an individual. Again, coupled with the lack of 2s and the below average number of 1s, he would conceivably overcompensate by projecting (falsely) a sense of power and control. Because Zimmerman has a 4 Challenge in the 1st position (covering the time period up to the age of 27 and beyond if the Challenge has not been met and overcome), control issues would be a major consequence. This would also create issues around self-control. The 1st position 4 Challenge also indicates that he came out of a home that was very disciplined and controlled, quite possibly leading to an attitude of rebellion and a search for ways in which he could exercise his own control over others. Add to the 4 Challenge the fact that there are 3-4s in the spelling of his name and there is a recipe for potential disaster. The average number of 4s in the average name is 1-2. Having 3-4s would add to the controlling nature of the individual while also making the person somewhat anal retentive with a strong desire to create and maintain order and discipline in his life. Anything that may upset that scenario could easily trigger a response that in many instances would be physical. Coupled with the 2-8s in his chart, it is easy to see that George might react in a physical fashion to anything that upsets him, or anything that triggers a visceral response in line with his preconceived ideas of things.

Other conditions that reside in Zimmerman's chart and that could add to a very, negative persona are the 8 Physical letters, 4 Mental letters, 3 Emotional letters and 6 Intuitive letters in the spelling of his name. Separately, these conditions may be easily handled and directed in a positive fashion. Combined, they could spell problems and potential disaster. The 8 Physical letters make him ambitious for power (his desire to be a policeman and his relegation to being a neighborhood watch person). The 4 Mental letters make him very determined and quite willing to pursue that which he feels he should be doing. 3 Emotional letters indicate that he is a person that wants admiration and who would act impulsively. Finally, the 6 Intuitive letters show that in his mind he sees himself doing 'big' things and that he acts from a place of delusions of grandeur.

In summary, I believe, based upon my almost three decades of working with Numerology, that George Zimmerman was not only capable of killing Trayvon Martin, in all probability he could justify it in his own mind. This, in combination with the 'stand your ground' laws in Florida, provided a toxic stew of ingredients that led to the death of a young man. Yet, in its way, this event, with George Zimmerman at the heart of it, could lead to a re-examination of these laws and more deeply, the racial divide that still exists in 21st Century America. Perhaps as an outcome of all of this, Zimmerman will (unwittingly) be a catalyst for change, fulfilling part of the requirements for who he is.

We must all examine our parts in this ever-changing world in which we live and do our best to improve ourselves individually and by extension, improve the greater good for all.
© 2013, Michael John Fierro
Michael John Fierro is a Numerologist, Life Coach, and Author of YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS. He has been working with numerology since 1984 and is available for private sessions, lectures, and more. You may contact him at or

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