Thursday, August 1, 2013

Did you know what Time , this is...?

I spoke with a Time traveler,
on the phone,
they explained all about Life,
and Time, being an Illusion.
I'd like to tell you all about it,
though that was Today,
and I'm not allowed to speak about this
until Yesterday,
Maybe next week, we knew
what's going to happen last month,
but that's All in the Past now,
so I'm looking forward to that, then.
Apparently, this won't happen for years,
and that's a long time ago, but not yet,
so don't be surprised if you share this,
and nothing happened.
I'll see you later.
Now, that would be nice, wasn't it..?
(Though, if I remember correctly,
we haven't really thought about this yet),
so I think I'm going to write this next Monday, if only I'd had the time.
©2012 Phillip Hennessy
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