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Trayvon Martin: Victim, Aggressor

or Fulfilling His Destiny?

The tragic event that took place in Sanford FL on February 26, 2012 resulted in the death of a teenager, the arrest of a neighborhood watchman, and a resultant trial ending in the acquittal of George Zimmerman. On the surface, this could have just been a random occurrence, emboldened by a bizarre law (stand your ground) and what may, or may not have been a situation that was racially charge and motivated.

What does Numerology tell us about Trayvon Martin? Was he solely a victim? Could he have been the instigator of actions that resulted in his death? And, more deeply, what do the numbers show about this tragic event?

Trayvon Benjamin Martin was born on February 5, 1995 and had just celebrated his 17th birthday, three weeks before he lost his life. He had a 12/3 Soul Urge; a 12/3 Personality/Image; a 15/6 Expression; and a 13/4 Life Path. His sub-Challenges are a 3 in the 1st position; a 1 in the 2nd position; a 2 in the 3rd position; and a 4 Lifetime Challenge. The 13/4 Life Path is the same number as George Zimmerman's 13/4 Expression.

Trayvon's chart shows him to be a sociable, charming young man who had a lot going for himself. He was not without his issues (as we all are) and there are similarities between his chart and the chart of George Zimmerman that could have certainly contributed to the events of that night. Once again, in another of what seems to be a series of ongoing tragedies involving firearms, there are karmic lessons at play indicating that this event has implications and lessons for the whole, and not just for those involved. The 12/3 in two positions indicate that Trayvon had great poise and he may have been viewed as somewhat odd by those who knew him, as he might have projected great inner strength. This was coupled with a tolerance for those people, lifestyles and beliefs that were different than his. On a very deep level, he understood that life is just an illusion and that one's life was a result of their beliefs. He also understood the transitory nature of life and held a place of peace within himself. In the deepest core of his being, he was not attached to worldly matters. Perhaps the most important aspect of the 12/3 energy is that one may lead a life of voluntary sacrifice that includes difficulties, trials and tribulations yet nothing can rattle a deep serenity. As a numerologist, I interpret this to mean that part of the purpose of Trayvon's being was to be a catalyst or instrument of awareness and change.

The 15/6 Expression shows that Trayvon had a personal magnetism and a talent for earning or receiving money and gifts from others. Yet, he also knew that he must work for that which he desired. This energy also would have made him strong-willed and diligent and the possessing of a willingness to go after, and obtain that which he wanted. The 6 energy can be somewhat materialistic and I would say that there may have been a inner conflict regarding materialism for the 12/3 energy in his chart, being cognizant of the transitory illusion of life , is not necessarily concerned with the material aspects of living. One of the negative aspects of the 15/6 may be a lack of emotional control resulting in a violent reaction to their 'lot in life'. A confrontation could easily result in him lashing out, as he might perceive the confrontation to be a confirmation of who, and what he is and that would be uncomfortable for him.

The 13/4 Life Path number in Martin's chart is one of the most karmic of all the Karmic Numbers. With its representation of 'death', the 13/4 shows that the lifetime can be a continuing series of 'lives and deaths' through a never-ending progression of changes. This number is very much an 'all or nothing' vibration with every situation being of great importance and dramatic cause and effect. Those with the 13/4 must learn to ride the peaks and valleys of life and be willing to embrace the changes that come along. Just as things seem to settle down, something else comes along that requires attention and focus. Because of this condition, a secure home and secure relationships are necessary as a grounding device. Martin's 13/4 Life Path is the same number as Zimmerman's 13/4 Expression. In other words, the path of Trayvon's life was energetically the same as the energy of who Zimmerman must be in this lifetime. The negative side of the 13/4 carries with it a bad temper that leads to rash actions that can harm others. This leads to changes that are destructive and detrimental to his own life and possibly the lives of those around him. In this condition of the 13/4, one is spiritually asleep and unaware of the bigger picture, and the part that each of us plays in creating a whole that is beneficial to everyone. Couple that with the fact that the day of the incident that propelled both these people into the public spotlight (2/26/2102) was a 13/4 Personal Day (all or nothing) for Trayvon, on a 15/6 Universal Day, and I will infer that this was a day during which both parties were to meet their destiny in what was immediately a tragedy, yet in the long run could be a catalyst for a new discussion in this country about guns and the issue of 'stand your ground' laws.
There are other points of similarity in the charts of Trayvon and George. Zimmerman has a 4 1st Challenge (under which he would have still felt the influence as the issue will remain if not learned and overcome), and Trayvon's Lifetime Challenge was a 4. With its representation of 'control issues', this could have certainly contributed to the volatility of the situation as each of them would have looked to be the dominant force in what happened. Both individuals have 3-4s in the spelling of their names and this would indicate a potential physical reaction to anger and/or confrontation. On the Physical Plane, both have eight letters, showing that both men were ambitious for power and may exert said desire to make their case. Martin and Zimmerman both have four letters on the Mental Plane making both of them very determined in that in which they are engaged. (Obviously, these two conditions could easily create a volatile situation).

Trayvon's 1st Challenge was a 3 indicating that he might have been struggling to overcome some self-esteem issues and feel comfortable with himself. In conjunction with having no 3s in the spelling of his name, he may have had a difficult time expressing himself. Another contributing factor could be Trayvon's 1 Challenge in the 2nd position. A 1 Challenge is an indication of an individual having a difficult time with authority and being told what to do. The natural inclination of the person with a 1 Challenge is to confront authority. If Trayvon considered Zimmerman to be an authority figure, he might have naturally taken on that authority (and, because Zimmerman wasn't a true 'authority' figure, he may have been disregarded by Trayvon, triggering an angry reaction of ' dare you, do you know who I am?'). While Trayvon may not necessarily have had a temper, Zimmerman does, and my sense is that Trayvon's initial reaction might not have been borne out of anger as much as other more deep-seated emotional issues (represented by the 3 Challenge and the 1 Challenge). Trayvon had a sensitivity for others that Zimmerman did not (evidenced by the lack of 2s in the spelling of his George's name and his 2 Challenge in 3 positions).

Taken all together, this was a mix of energies that had great potential for going wrong, and sadly, they did. Trayvon's Personal Day on February 26, 2012 was a 20/2 showing that for him, this was a transformational day regarding his abilities to get along with others. The 20/2 indicates that a sudden event would certainly bring on a major decision as to how one is going to proceed thus establishing a major turning point in one's life. Perhaps if events did not escalate so quickly, decisions could have been made that would have save a life, and prevented another from being turned upside down.

The purpose of this essay is not to assess guilt or innocence for either party, although in many ways, they were both guilty of something. In looking at the bigger, esoteric picture, this event may have very well been something to which both parties 'agreed' at some point in time before physical incarnation. In the way of the spirit, both were fulfilling an obligation to each other, and to the macro level of human existence. As I stated earlier, this may have been more to bring to the attention of all, the strange ways in which we behave towards one another, totally forsaking humanity and compassion for the sake of ideals and agendas. Obviously, America is a country that still struggles with issues of race and, we are a country that has a violent streak that continues unabated. If we all step back a bit and look at the big picture, we may realize that it is time to have the conversations that are necessary regarding the fact that we are all here together, and what affects one, affects all. In their own way, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman thrust these issues onto center stage with Trayvon sacrificing his life for the cause. Will Zimmerman's life ever be the same? I think not, although there is opportunity for him to become a voice in bringing people together. Can America, as a country, overcome its partisan divisions so that we make steps towards healing? Each of us as individuals can only do our part, yet it is the culmination of the acts of many that can affect the whole. What part will you take?

Blessings of Love & Light
© 2013, Michael John Fierro
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