Thursday, August 1, 2013

On Trek

The Reason people awaken is because they have finally 
stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.
This was a quote that came up on Facebook. I got to thinking about it intensely because it seemed to have a message that wouldn't let me go.
I tried to figure out how to explain this in simple terms so that I could explain to others.

I was thinking if I had a daughter who married a man that was always bullying her thru words and poking fun at her, or even subtle remarks to others about her, what would I do? As parents we don't want to interfere with her life, but we feel like maybe we should say something. Time passes, and the jabs and digs are becoming more and more frequent. Something has to happen. Should I or should I not speak to her. If she would ask for my advice I would give it, but if she doesn't ask how long can I keep quiet?

Thru my years of life and experiences I have learned to trust other people's guides, and their true soul self .This is where this quote comes in handy. Our souls experience what we experience, and when it is time, the true soul self begins to awaken the body person. Little nudges, and hints, all at the right time start to emerge.

Can you remember when you started to awaken? Perhaps someone said something that stopped us in our tracks. A sweet gift of a book that gave us the aha moment. A movie on television perhaps that tugged at us.

What can insult our soul? Anything that is not positive for us, or even when we run down ourselves, or when others treat us with disrespect constantly. Also teachings can insult our soul. At one time perhaps we believed it was ok to do something, and later we found it to be an insult to our soul to believe that way.

I personally have had many such teachings pass thru my scrutiny. For example, I use to believe with all my heart that talking to dead people was WRONG. I had scriptures to back it up. I just knew I was right in my belief system. Then one day, I had an aha moment. I now speak to dead people, and it is very healing. This is just my example.

I fully understand that we are all on our OWN personal journey, and so our beliefs are at different levels. At some point we all will come to a full understanding of all that is, but until that happens, we cannot judge another for what they believe. We learn to move forward in our own pathway, helping others, and being helped by others along the way.

What can insult my soul is solely up to me. No one else can judge what that is. It also works the same for others, and we must learn to respect what they believe. We cannot fault a child for not knowing how to drive a car, but we know that someday they will reach that goal. We are all children learning and experiencing life at our own pace. May we find the joys of life, as we continue to strive to meet our goals.


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