Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pieces of Me

Well, there ain't much of ME
left behind, when you're gone.
I guess it's just Time,
that we're ALL moving on
This Journey, we started,
Together (we dreamed)
Each turning, we parted,
Forever. (it seemed)

The moment I dreamed of,
it's HERE, with me, NOW
I'm right where I wanted,
it must BE, somehow.
For where would I be,
if it were not for YOU...?
...and the choices we make,
when our Heart's torn in Two...?

So part of me Knows,
just which Turning to take
when the Parting of Ways,
means that MY heart will break,
into pieces of ME,
that I must leave behind
TAKE them, you SEE..?
...they were YOURS,
...all the Time.

©2011 Phillip Hennessy

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