Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Angel Whispers

Michaelmas Day

September 29th, was Michaelmas Day, and the 30th is the feast day of Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Gabriel. So it's the most perfect day for a message from Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael, too.

Such a wonderful day for the angels and for us because this is the day we can surely share love and thanks for all they have done for us in our life. And they will say very plainly, even the things that don't seem so great, we did learn from them, despite how we may feel or have felt in the past.

ARCHANGEL Michael has this to say for you: Safety and protection is what I am known for. I am the leader of the archangels and my name means “Like God”. He says that today is our feast to let you know how special you are and to know that he is with you helping you to make the decisions that are right for you at this time and in the future. He also asks that you may feel free to call on him at any time and to know he will be there for you. He says that life has many wonderful opportunities and to always to know that angelic guidance is there, when you ask for the guidance. The angels are all about free will and will never interfere with your life in any way. He says that his sword and shield is there for you in protection at all times. He also says listen to your gut feelings and know what your passions are and go for them as opportunities. Look for the synchronicity, as you make your decisions through your life.

Archangel Raphael: Angel of healing, for self and others, also works with doctors and nurses, energy workers, and those that care in any way. He says taking care of your needs is just as important as taking care of others needs. This is so you can continue to take care of others in a stress free situation. So he suggests taking time off, when caring, and taking time to just rejuvenate yourself and your relationships, is so important. He says call on me at any time too for help for you and for others. He says he wears a lot of green so when you see green, he may be telling you he is around too. Raphael asks you today, Do something fun for yourself today. Do it alone or do it with someone special in your life.

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Messengers, spiritual messages from God, or from other angels. Archangel Gabriel is the angel that helps with creativity, of any type, especially with writing. He is also the Angel that helps Mothers with troubled births and parents bringing up children. Listen to the message of love your angels have for you on this day, and know they are with you today. It is never too late to use your creativity in the way you feel comfortable.

 Perhaps a spiritual journal is something you would like to you start or continue. Just call on me and I will be there sharing with the messages of the universe. Look for the synchronicity of all that happens in your day. When you start to notice the synchronicity, the connection with your angels, do not seem so difficult for you. You all have this gift and when you start to notice the validations in your life, the connection seems easier, for you.

I had written this poem a few years back. I truly feel that this was given to me, from the archangels. This is when I realized I was channeling for them at that time. The poem is about positive intent of all that you do. It’s a very special message from them and is close to my heart in many ways.

Positive Intent 
"Having positive intent in all that you do,
Will keep you, from feeling a always so blue.
Helping your fellow man, in some special way,
Will help them carry on, throughout their day.
Going the extra mile and helping with a smile,
Will help you to share, and show you care.
If life gets tough and it’s hard to cope,
Know the angels are with you
we will guide you on your slippery slope.
When asking your angels for guidance,
and telling them your woes,
Know we are listening and offering you a rose.
The rose signifies love and the strength that you possess,
Listen closely to our whispers and know you are very blessed."
©May 2006 Peg Jones

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