Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Shadow Of The Butterfly

In the shadow of the butterfly, as it passes overhead
We as humans never die, so we aren't really dead
Our soul passes over into the light
Waiting for us there is a wondrous sight
The colors come alive, so vivid as they dance around
And the music there, is such a beautiful sound
Angels singing, a chant that touches the soul
Embracing and healing, it will make you whole

A thought can take you anywhere
Just think of it and you'll be there
Or just an image and it will be
Right there before you, watch and see
You'll be young in appearance, if you want to
And there's many more things, that you can do

Amazing creatures that live among us here
Appreciate them as they each appear
For each are special in their own way
And put here to make a better day

The dragonfly with designs on a log rod
Was put here for us and made by God
The Butterfly with colors to start a spark
With hues of light among the dark
Fluttering with its own flow
The wings are what guides it so

When you're in the shadow of the Butterfly
Take notice of things that live and die
Whether large or whether small
Appreciate their value to us all

Even though you don't know why they are here
There must be a reason they should appear
If they should touch upon your soul
Then they have achieved their goal
To awaken all that once use to be
With eyes wide open, so you could see
©Sept 9, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:Don't take everything for granted. Value everything you see.
In the Magic Kingdom of life, everything is special.

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