Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Is it too much to Ask, is it too far to Go?
A difficult Task, awaits, (you know)
Or shall it be Pleasure, this trip, into Time?
As we plan our excursions into our Minds

No attention for details, itinerary none
Destination is All, for which we have come
The Journey so long, (though endured, not enjoyed)
Omitted from memory, - into the Void
The Souls that we pass,
in the streets of our Minds
Are now way beyond, (or maybe), behind

Then streets ahead, they look back with smiles
Of taking the Time, and walking the miles.
Your carriage awaits, you know that it’s here
Or would you prefer to Walk, my dear?

Touch the flowers, smell the rain
Returning with senses,
we Visit

©2014 Phillip Hennessy

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