Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If Only I Had Said

How different it could have been,
That day
If only I had said
what was in my heart,
What was in my head.

Would anything be different now?
If only I had said.
Would all our dreams
still have a chance,
or would they all
be dead?

I only know
what's happened since.
If only I had said,
I knew.
I knew, this would happen
Should I have prayed,
instead ?

Oh, I prayed.
I prayed so hard,
That day.
If only I had said
I was afraid. I prayed.
I knew.
I knew this would happen
If only I'd said,
If only you'd stayed.
I should have said,
you should have stayed.

©Sept 2014 Phillip Hennessy

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