Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Merlin Insights

   Be not afraid to look upon hate within you, for without it you could have no understanding of the meaning of your love. Without the understanding of hate, love can only be meaningless. Your relationship with love, within which the meaning of all love is hidden, is given to you to offset the hate that you may see.

This understanding, and your relationship with the Universe that you are part of, will rise before you as your understanding grows. For not to see and acknowledge the hate within, you cannot negate its effect upon you, it merely drives it underground and out of your sight.

   It is essential that you bring it into sight and acknowledge it and so give love its true meaning for you. Until you do, love can have no meaning and therefore your hate will remain unhealed.

   We all have the capacity to hate. But by denying that capacity we are creating an illusion. True love is no illusion and until we can acknowledge our capacity to see hate, we render its opposite, similarly, an illusion. Until we can see ourselves in our entirety we cannot see beyond that illusion and see the True Love that we are all part of.

   In this context love can only be but an illusion and if that illusion is removed, your relationship with true love must also be removed. Any relationship based upon an illusion is no relationship at all and must become unsatisfying on the grounds of disillusionment..

   Love is not an illusion. It is a fact. Where disillusionment is possible you can find no peace and where peace can be found, there can be no illusion.

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