Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Love is...

Love is Strange
It sits there, filling your stomach,
and making you hungry
the tasteless, invisible Food of the Gods.
You can't Touch it or Eat it
only Feel it,
that swirling, Empty space that spirals Up ..
(and down...and around)
Up to the Highest level of Self
and Down to the Core of our Being
Around our Hearts,
Throughout, and Around the Planet,
the Universe, and Beyond

Beyond the Realms of possibility
making Anything and Everything seem
Possible, and Untouchable.

..and that Place...that wonderful Place
where Love lives...
A lonely, homely cabin,
with worn-out walls
A Golden Cathedral
with candles burning
in every corner of our Hearts

that sweet smell of Home,
Safety, Reassurance
and the Reckless Abandon
of Love’s endless journey

©September 2014 Phillip Hennessy

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